Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah, if you were just wondering if we’re in the last of the last days, if we’re a few seconds before midnight, you won’t wonder anymore when you get a hold of these two CDs by my guest Chuck Missler called “Return of the Nephilim.  Because this is information, it’s kind of like missing information that very few Christians have ever seen that helps you put the end times together in a much more significant fashion than I’ve ever been able to do before; it’s the subject that the world thinks is fringe or hoaxes, UFOs.  But my guest was handpicked by God because he has such a credible background; he’s a recognized Bible scholar, been affiliated for many years with Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California.  He’s a Naval Academy graduate, Branch Chief of the Department of Guided Missiles, a CEO of six public corporations.  Chuck there’s an area I said that we would get into today that again most people say you got to be a fringe person to even believe in it and it’s got to do with the abductions of aliens.

Chuck: Yeah, that’s probably the spookiest, but first of all the whole area of UFO’s is so full of nonsense and hoaxes and government cover-ups, it’s a very difficult thing to steer…

Sid: And I might add even with your scientific data and your investigative reporting the thing that makes it so exciting to me is that you tie this entire thing into Bible prophecy that’s been hidden from the church, it was available to the first church, but they haven’t heard about this until now.

Chuck: Yeah, pretty much so because even today the expositors that take it seriously, you know the early church you know Philo Alexandria, Justin Martyr, Hernandez all those guys, but when you get to modern times you still find G.H. Pemard, M.R. DeHahn, Gableline,  Arthur W. Pink, Donald Barnhouse,  Henry Morris, Muriel Unger, Donald Frundenbaum, Hal Lindsey, Chuck Smith, they will speak of these things but it is a tough area. But when you setting that aside when you get into the probably the freakiest part of this area, are these cases where people apparently report that they have been abducted in these vehicles.  Now what’s so strange about this area is that this that is much more prevalent than most people have any idea, unless you are a professional in the consulting field because what happens is when people have these apparent experiences they generally want to hide them.  They don’t want to admit it because they immediately it destroys their life, they become marked as fringe and so forth.  This problem is so severe that they had a conference at MIT called “Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind,” and it was chaired by John Mack who is the head of physiatry for the Harvard Hospital   and so he wrote a book on called “Abductions.”  He is an MD prominent, well published doctor; he had apparently dealt with a 176 of these cases personally and they sponsored this conference which was primarily attended by physiologists and physiatrists who in their field of practice encounter people that have these stories are too bizarre to accept on the one hand and yet they have commonality and detail that’s disturbing.  In fact John Max challenged to the conference was, “If what these people are saying is happening to them isn’t happening, what is?”  And his point is these people have in common their above average in intelligence, they’ve had no prior physiatric history, they clearly have been subjected to some kind of trauma and the details of their story much of which is not published is in common.  And so it’s a very very strange area and it’s an area that I’ve had only a couple of incidents with.  Right now today, there are people on the search for people who express this having had this experience in which there are physical lesions.  See in each one of these so called abduction episodes, what apparently happens is all kinds of intrusive medical experiments are performed.  And it’s an area that; and the other thing it’s my tentative conjecture that everyone that has had this kind of involvement also had a prior occultic experience of some kind.  And because I made on one of my radio broadcasts made the statement that “I didn’t believe that a Christian can be abducted,” if they are as demonic as I think they are, I think that a Christian has protection over that.  Well, I got a call from a producer, so I can speak freely I won’t mention his name, but a Hollywood producer called me on the phone and I was quite startled because I don’t normally get those kinds of calls.  And he says, “Chuck I heard you on the radio and I happen to know a lot about this area and your were tracking a 100% with me until you said that a Christian can’t be abducted and you need to investigate the Betty, I think the Franteson affair.”  And I was so startled by the call I well start, but I did some homework.  Well the affair he makes reference to is well documented; but it is a case where the person involved, even though they were a twenty year old, twenty year Spirit Filled Christian hadn’t had an abduction experience.  But if you read her affidavit carefully she was invited and accepted the invitation.  Technically not abduction, and the point that I make in most of my materials is if someone is a Christian, they should avoid these things; number one, not accept any invitations to participate in these kinds of things; they are demonic no matter how enticing they may seem and so I know that sounds pretty spooky, but this is for most of us fortunately this is fringe stuff we don’t encounter this every day.  But for people that have had these encounters they are very traumatic, there very serious and they are very damaging, and we need to understand that.  And one of the reasons this is so relevant, if we understand Christ’s remark in the Olivet discourse; “As the days of Noah were so shall the days of the coming of Son of man be.”  That just underscores our need to recognize these things because they will be a sign of the end times.  They’ll have eschatological implications; so if we’re correct we can expect them, UFO sightings will increase, that these experiences of abduction are going to multiply in our society and there are so many forces at work, this is not people that have these encounters try to protect their privacy and I don’t blame them, because if journalist find out it they just get mobbed.  And I had a very very interesting encounter with a couple with a physiatrist that came to me after one of our talks and the net of it was that it was a very well documented situation.  But I advised her, your husband’s here, your pastor’s here, I suggest you take this documentation, put it in a safe deposit box, protect it in that sense, but I would keep it a secret; no one else, because if the journalists find out about this, they’ll destroy your life; and wanting to publish books and all that sort of stuff and that was my counsel to them.

Sid: But do you know what I find so fascinating about all this because of the way my mind operates now that you’ve given me this missing link in you will, I’m fitting so many things together in end time Bible prophecy;  But it appears as though that it was God’s intent to wipe out this breed of fallen angels that cohabited with women, that this new species if you will; that God really, now that my eyes are open, I see where God was trying to destroy them.  And I often wondered why God wanted to wipe out all the members of certain tribes; there was reasons beyond the reasons.

Chuck: Exactly right, and to make a distinction between the high breds’ that result is which what God wanted to wipe out, with the fallen angels that caused it because the fallen angels were incarcerated and both Peter and Jude make reference to that and maybe Revelation also alludes to it.  The point is that the angels that indulged in those things apparently have been incarcerated, but the hi-breds that resulted from their mischief was what was the target of the flood of Noah was; verse 9 of Genesis 6 points out that the ones that, Noah and his family were distinctive in that they, their genealogies were not contaminated by these goings on.  Well, Joshua was instructed when they enter the land to wipe out certain, four specific tribes and all men, women and children.  That as a New Testament reader you’re shocked because you don’t recognize what’s behind the scenes here is a gene pool problem that God is dealing with.  All of these things were in effect Satan’s attack on the advent of the Messiah and these maneuvers if you will, were designed to nullify Satan’s attempt to contaminate the human geno.  And so it’s a strange area the on the face of it sounds pretty fringy, but it turns out much as it surprised me to realize that unless you really understand Genesis 6 carefully a lot of the Old Testament won’t make sense and it certainly several of the key passages of the…

Sid: Now if Joshua would had wiped them out, we wouldn’t have had this problem today!

Chuck: Well not only that, there were certain places where he failed to do that, and one is a place called Bishan, which today is known as the Golan Heights.  The other one is the region that we call what the worldly press calls the West Bank and the other place is the place called Gaza.  And what’s fascinating is the very places that today are still in dispute are the same place; if you do a study of the book of Judges and do it with a map, you’ll discover those places where they failed to do what God told them to do are places even to this day are the pockets of the contest in Israel today.  It’s a very very strange panorama.

Sid: I’m just curious, I hear you speaking in great detail and this teaching here is invaluable to put together end times “The Return of the Nephilim.” ….why aren’t more people teaching on this?

Chuck: Well, because first of all there is a, I’ve discovered in my own exposition that people who really take the Bible seriously are in the minority.  The tragedy of today’s pulpits is most pastors really haven’t learned their Bible.  They have learned a lot of things…

Sid: You do such line upon line study of the Bible and this particular series…

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