Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Chuck Missler.  Chuck is a Naval Academy graduate, Branch Chief of Department of Guided Missiles, CEO of six public companies, has been known as a tremendous Bible teacher affiliated and taught the Bible at Calvary Chapel at Costa Mesa, California.  And when I heard he was getting involved in the subject of UFO’s I’ve always thought Chuck, that this is a hoax, but you have two CDs called “Returned of the Nephilim” in which you have done investigative reporting.  Excellent I might add investigative reporting, that where is there is a lot of hoaxes involved in the UFO industry there’s a lot of evidence that causes us to believe something is going on.  But then you teach on the Bible areas I’ve never heard taught before and I believe that you have vital information that has been missing; it’s almost been covered up.  Give us some evidence that you have found to cause those that feel that it’s just fringe people and a fringe area with this UFO’s that it’s real.

Chuck: Well, that kind of skepticism is very well placed because there is probably no other area that I know of that is more crowded with nonsense, with deliberate hoaxes, contrived photographs, stories that don’t check out by the thousands, by the way.  So any one that tries to jump into this area to do some research has a very daunting task to cut through all of this.  But the thing is as you do if you take the effort to get into it, you suddenly discover that despite the abundance of nonsense that also pervades the area and strange publications and I won’t go down all of those things.  In all of that though, what emerges are legitimate examples; first of all thirteen of our astronauts have publically confirmed sightings on their missions and so forth and you know clouding their own credibility it would seem they risk that as astronauts collaborating this kind of stuff.  And the reason one of things that makes it so difficult is the phenomenology that one encounters even in the legitimate you know, collaborate a stories are bizarre because on the one hand they leave physical evidence; radioactivity on the ground or burnt ground or other indications of actually having been there and they also show up on multiple radars simultaneously.  Now radars don’t have you know hallucinations so that’s on the one hand demonstrates that they actually are physical phenomena on the one hand.  On the other hand, they behave in ways that are physically impossible.  They go faster than the speed of sound without sonic booms; they make right angle turns at enormous speeds that don’t make sense from any kind of inertia.

Sid: Now we know this from our radar tracking?

Chuck: Yes, oh yes from collaborated accounts and so and they also seem to have the ability to materialize and dematerialize.  Now the two most respected researchers in history was J. Allen Heineck of the American and Jacque Volley the Frenchman.  These two guys that were very proliferate writers and really researched this all the way through you know the late forties fifties and so forth.  They both past away since by the way, but they did a lot of serious research, they both of them independently came to the conclusion that:  a. these things are not intergalactic as some people like to image them for some good reasons.  They believe that they were hyper-dimensional, comeback to that issue in a minute. The second thing is that they also felt that these things are deliberately deceptive and so to someone that is really trying to research those things are very critical…

Sid: So you believe that there is a miss information campaign so that most people will think that these are hoaxes.

Chuck: Exactly right, and that is the other thing that comes about on top of the hoaxes there’s also government interference in a number of cases, many, many cases where the government will step in and either and cloud the issue with misinformation in an attempt to cloud.  The most famous example of that in the US is the Roswell incident in England they have their Rendlesham Forest incident; another place where the government gets in and goes at a great lengths to hide what really happened and generates stories that are preposterous to discredit the people that are trying to find out what’s going on.  So the government interference is repetitive and in many ways; there’s an area now this gets into a little sophication there; but there’s an area in intelligence called disinformation.  One of the ways that you can hide something is to create information about it that is fundamentally spurious when that information is discredited it tends to discredit; it’s another way of hiding the reality and that disinformation techniques are widely used within the intelligence world and that’s exactly part of which is going on in the UFO area.  So the only reason I got into this because I discovered much to my amazement is that some of these issues are very fundamental in understanding certain passages in the Bible.  And so that’s when we started me and my associates, Mark Eastman and others and we really rolled up our sleeves, due to get into this area.  But our primary goal was to try to understand what the Bible perspectives were about this area and the disinformation and the difficulties was in researching this area is very tough with because of not just the hoaxes, but the fact that there’s deliberate efforts with people with substantial resources trying to hide the area.

Sid: I think that it’s absolutely amazing the documentation that you’ve put into these two CD’s were making available “The Return of the Nephilim.”  But do you believe that these are aliens from other planets or do you believe conclusively that these are demons?

Chuck: I personally, the conclusive is probably pretty strong one, but I personally conclude, let’s put it that way, that first of all that they are not aliens from other planets.  Now there’s a number of reasons why most serious researcher in this area tend to disregard that for some other physics reasons.  But the main point is I do think that they are demonic.  I think that they have an agenda and I think that when you look at these things through Biblically oriented glasses so to speak they have an agenda and its one of deceit and confusion.

Sid: But well, if I can take that one step further, could you give me some sanctified speculation as to what their agenda really is?

Chuck: Well, that’s probably a little hard, but I can tell you this, Jesus seemed to indicate that this kind of activity will increase prior to His second coming.  He when He gave a confidential briefing to four of His disciples He indicated that “As the days of Noah were, so shall the coming of the Son of man be.”  So to understand His remarks one has to really dig in and understand what really happened to bring about the flood of Noah?  And whatever that was apparently is going to be a major factor as we get closer and closer to His second coming.  And that was one of the reasons we put the effort into wanting to understand that is from the Biblical point of view is because it is in effect not just an important historical foundation to the Old Testament, which it turns out to be by the way, but also it’s a clue into what to expect.  And I think that these are going to be part of a major deception that will come upon the mankind.

Sid: You know my mind is just going a million miles an hour as I start seeing your Bible Study and seeing your Documentary evidence, it’s almost as if it’s a high bred race walking around.  You know parable of the tares and the wheat and you can’t tell the difference until the judgment.  Could there be a descendents of this high bred race among us?

Chuck: Well, Daniel seems to speak about that; in Daniel Chapter 2, He talks about, I remember the different metals the gold, the silver, the bronze, and the iron mixed with clay?

Sid: Right.

Chuck: He goes on to explain the clay, “He says as for the miry clay, they turns to a personal pronoun; they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men,” as in Verse 43 of Daniel 2.  Well for the grammar requires that they in order to mingle with the seed of men, but they must be something other than the seed of men or you cannot mingle.  You see in other words it implies two separate things the things that are being comingled.  Well, the they there is the suggestion that whatever the they are, they are not the seed of men, and so there’s a hint, just a hint but it’s almost required by the grammar that there is some kind of creatures that are being introduced that are going to contaminate or mingle or make less pure.  It seems to be an echo of this high bred thing that Genesis six talks about.  And that’s one of the reasons that I think this area from a Bible point of view needs to be understood, because it turns out the more you get into this, it’s an essential foundational understanding to really understand what else is going on in the Old Testament.

Sid: It really helps you put it altogether; it’s just hard for me to believe that I have never heard anyone talk on this before the way you present it in your two CDs.

Chuck: Well, I think that that’s one of the tragedies of our seminary system, because in the seminaries you would think that they would have an obligation to present the alternative views of some of these controversial issues and then justify the one that they favor.  But they don’t do that though, they present just the one side and you generally, only rarely do you run into what’s called the Angel View of Genesis 6.  They sell a thing called the Sethite View of Genesis 6, which is a way to try to cover this all up.  And we’ve gotten a lot of correspondence from people that are seminary graduates that are presently executives in the publishing world or whatever, that they express they’re upset with their own back ground because when they went through their graduate schools and so forth they weren’t ever taught the Angels View.  And yet if you do the homework; if you dig into the literature you’ll discover that is the traditional view.  That was the view of the early church, the Angel View that is; it is also the view of a substantial number of modern commentators too.  This not a fringe thing within the Biblical Fundamental Community; it is a controversial view.  Different people have different views, but at the same time the Angel View carries the implementer of some of the most conservative of the, you know the expositional scholars in the publishing world.

Sid: You know you have some of the most amazing statistics of about these abductions and UFOs of what; I want to get into that on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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