Sid: Now my guest, I’ve known about for many years, I’ve interviewed him previously; his name is Chuck Missler.  He has quite a background, he’s a Naval Academy graduate, a former Branch Chief for the Department of Guided Missiles, been on the Board of Director’s of twelve public companies.  He’s CEO of six of them.  He’s had a very high profile corporate career and quite a spiritual career; he has been affiliated with Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California for many, many years.  Known as a Bible scholar and that’s why when I found out that he was getting involved in UFO’s.  I thought how does someone that’s such a Bible scholar get involved in UFO’s?  I mean I think in terms of fringe people are involved; how did you get involved in the study of UFO’s Chuck Missler?

Chuck: Well, probably the most meaningful one is in pursuit of my Expositional Commentary.  See for thirty years I was an active executive in the strategic arena obviously, as you just summarized.  But also throughout that period even though that was my vocation, my primary hobby happened to be Bible studies, I took them and began to increasing take them seriously and I developed a following of sorts; I taught the Monday night studies at Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa for about twenty-five years.  And so it was about twenty years ago that I sort of shifted, made my hobby my primary career; and so for the last twenty-eight almost thirty years I’ve been publishing verse by verse commentaries on the Bible.  And I was getting and doing all of that I became very sensitized to a very peculiar briefing that Jesus gave His disciples.  Four disciples came to Him to you know to inquire about his second coming and he detailed the preceding events of that and that’s recorded in three of the Gospels; in Matthew 24 & 25, Mark 13 and also Luke 21.  And in that it’s interesting He cautioned them and said take heed that nobody deceive you and that’s going to be an important caution here.  But then He makes a strange remark, He says but of the days of Noah were so shall the days of the coming of Son of Man be.  And I understand what He’s talking about there, it turns out you’ve really got to understand what brought about the flood of Noah, which of course is all dealt with in Genesis 6 and following.  When you look at Genesis 6 the first two verses in your Bible are actually one sentences; and it says “That it come to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them that the sons of god saw the daughters of men and that they were fair and they took them wives of all which they chose.”  Now the sons of God in the Hebrew, Benaiah Elohim, it’s the term used distinctly of a direct creation of God; and therefore it’s the term used of angels all through the old testament that term is used of angels; in Job three times, and so forth and it’s also in some extra biblical terms, things like the book of Enoch and others the Septuagint and so forth.  And so the point is that’s a term of angels.  Now what’s so strange about that passage is that these creatures that apparently were some kinds of angels, it turns out that they are fallen angels generated some high breds.  They took daughters of men and when you get down about verse four it says, “There were Nephilim in those days.”  The word Nephilim is a Hebrew word, it comes from the verb nafall, the fallen ones, is really what it implies.  In the Greek translation of the Old Testament that term is used as giantess, which most people think means giants and its transliterated that way in your English Bible but the actual word in the Greek is Gegos, its the same word that Greek Mythology it the same word that Greek Mythology uses for Titans, that’s creatures emerging from the interbreeding of Greek gods and human beings.  Eugenia means breeder kind, the English word is gene and genetics comes from the same root. The point is in the Greek translation emphasizes that the earth born.  So these fallen ones, these high bred that derive from some kind of strange comingling which comes between the fallen angels and human girls generated a breed that were the mighty ones.  The apparently were giants, the word giant picked that up but is actually a transliteration rather than translation.  But the point is these strange creatures turn out to be the reason that God sent the flood of Noah.  The human…

Sid: Now I have never heard that, I never even heard that speculated upon before.

Chuck: Now that’s one of the interesting things about this area because what I’ve just summarized superficially one could call the angel view of Genesis 6.  In most seminaries they don’t teach that because they teach a contrived alternate view that’s called the line of Seth.  Most people have been taught that what that really refers to is the lines of Seth and so forth, which is a non Biblical, they say “The sons of god, that really belongs to the Sethite leadership and the daughters of Adam really means the daughters of Cain.   That’s not what the text says but that what they contrive.  You see back in the fifth century Celsus and the Julian apostate used the traditional belief to attack Christianity and Julius overcame this resorted to this Sethite contrived idea as a more comfortable way of explaining that passage.  And then Cyril of Alexandria and others used it to repudiate the Orthodox view.  Augustan came along, he embraced the Sethites theory and that prevailed all through the middle ages.  So most seminaries teach the Sethite Theory which is itself is fine except they never most of them don’t even mention the existence of the so called angel view.

Sid: Well, listen I have studied what you have been teaching on the two CD’s that we’re making available called “Return of the Nephilim,” and it makes much more sense to me than what’s taught in the Bible institutes.

Chuck: Oh, I have to tell you that when we publish some of these things, I got calls from senior executives in publishing houses that even though they are in executive capacity, they are seminary graduates and they were angry, not at me, but they realized that they hadn’t had the benefit of either exposure to these ideas; in seminary you would think that a good seminary would say hey here are the two view and here at the pluses and the minuses of each.  They don’t do that, they re just sell the Sethite theory and sweep the other one under the carpet.   And the tragedy of that is that there are about twelve specific reasons why the Sethite Theory is not Biblical at all.  The angel view, while weird, I have to admit it sounds pretty uncomfortable is the one that, not only is it in the text in Genesis 6, it is substantiated or collaborated at least two maybe three times in the New Testament.

Sid: Well, you know Chuck the thing that gets me is that there is a cover-up of that particular area.  A blindness if you will and there’s also a cover-up for instance, in 1947 most people have heard that there was some very strange phenomena that occurred in Roswell, New Mexico involving UFOs and I wasn’t aware of it, but this information  this happened in ’47 and it’s being classified even as we’re speaking.  We can’t get the facts.

Chuck: And one of the shocking things that I discovered because I was deeply in the classified community professionally, I was Chairman and CEO of four different publically traded defense contractors and one of those companies particularly was in the deep declassified program.  One of the things I discovered while in that world is that the Roswell incident enjoys a security classification that is even higher than our most sensitive warheads, the W88; that came up because of a slipup; they won’t even suppose to reveal that it was enjoyed that level of classification, but it turns out that it does.  And why it does is a mystery to everyone to the few people that do know about it, we have been unable to determine why it is even classified at all, that’s what sixty years ago.  How can that technology or otherwise somehow be a grave concern to the US?  But it’s clear that it is classified and it’s also clearly documented evidence of again, again, and again where the government will intervene to cover-up certain instances.  And Roswell isn’t the only one, but it’s of course the most notorious one.

Sid: You know well in these two CDs that I’ve been listening to, you do an excellent job of teaching in this area.  I mean I feel that this is some of the freshest stuff that I have seen in a long time of Bible teaching as well as instances.  For incidence in July 1947 and the Roswell, New Mexico there was a colonel involved; Colonel William Blanchard and what did he say had occurred?

Chuck: Yeah, well the first announcement was that of course they had some kind of alien crash of some kind.  But then the overseeing command the next day countermanded that press release and published a different one saying that it was just a weather balloon.  And that started a whole series over the years, the air force has continually, you know issued one cover story after another and each one is actually more clumsy than the previous one.

Sid: Well, well the thing that’s so amazing to me is with the new digital imaging technology we have there was a general, what’s his name?  General Ramey that you talked about at got some amazing information from.

Chuck: Yeah, during the press conference there General Ramey, I was giving his cover story, he happened to be holding, crumpled in his hand a memo that he apparently had in his hand from just before the picture was taken, and the quote that was revealed by the advanced digital editing technique was that they could read some of the word and it said, “The Victims of the wreck and the disk they will ship.”  So the point is that the illusions to victims of a wreck and the fact that they are going to ship the disk, this vehicle whatever they found and apparently they ship it to Wright-Patterson Air Force base is alluded to or implied by what they can read from this memo; that happened to be in General Ramey’s hand.  So that event, the revealing of that thing by advanced digital techniques that were its sometimes called the smoking gun, it reveals that the Air Force was lying, they were trying to cover this all up.  And for them to do that back you know in ‘47 is one thing, but for that to enjoy still even to this day, a security classification that certainly at least one president and four congressmen have tried to crack and have been unsuccessful.

Sid: Well, President Obama has publically said that he’s going to let this classified information out.  Do you think that it will be?

Chuck: Well, I personally don’t have a very high regard for anything that Obama swings what he says and what he does is not connected in so many other areas I don’t know what to make of that.  The fact that he is saying that I would try to study because there must be a reason for him doing that.

Sid: I tell you what, our time is slipping away and you have such fascinating Bible information, and investigative reporting information about what I believe is ready to happen any minute now on planet earth.

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