Sid: This is the time we need to see that glory, and that’s why I’m spot lighting some amazing gifts of the Spirit through human vessels and I have on the telephone Denny Cramer who functions and as New Covenant Prophet.  He’s prophesied over thousands and thousands of people for over thirty-three years and he’s learned a lot, but he’s still learning.  And at the start of the year, the Holy Spirit came on him and he was given ten words for the year.  Denny quickly you shared two of them.  Share the other eight and briefly what each one means.

Denny: The third word for the year was filters.  And the Lord said to me, “As each believer walks in obedience, which was the first word, that all negative hearing filters, that is blockages, hindrances, and restrictions that affect our hearing the voice of God were going to be removed.  He said, to me…

Sid: I’ll take that; I’ll grab it right now!  Ha-ha.

Denny: You’re doing what we got to do, we got to grab this.  He said, perfect prophetic perception or hearing, PPP.  Perfect prophetic, perception is going to be restored to the Church.  A spirit of deafness is going to come off the Bride and I heard the Church declare, I can hear again.  So that was the third word.  The fourth word was honor.  The Lord said that it was the year to give honor.  This means that Churches need to increase the honor that they are showing their leaders.  The Bible says, “Honor to whom it is do and the Lord said that has been acute shortage being bestowed in the Church.  In fact in our culture we’re not real good at understanding this, but in the Bible culture, honor was a big deal.  So for 2010 the Lord said, “Tell everybody, to pay their debt of Honor, pay up says the Lord, He said that we need to begin to honor those who over the years have left us in ministry.  Not to get something from them, even if you got to go back thirty-years and bless someone that blessed you thirty years ago, honor to who honor is do.  The next word is wisdom.  And this verse is so exciting to me; I want to preach it at every church service.  He said, “The wisdom of God is going to be heard and seen in and through the Church as never before; the verse is Ephesians 3:10.

Sid: So that’s going to cause the world go come after us.

Denny: Absolutely.

Sid: Because they’re going to have the opposite.

Denny: Listen to this, He said, “The Church is going to be the place to be in 2010.  The Church is going to be the happening place; the verse the Bible says “It is God’s intention that right now His wisdom is going to be made known in and through the church to all heavenly and even demonic principalities and powers.  So the Lord said to me “You don’t want to get – join Mensa, you don’t want to become a Fortune 500 Corporate Executive, you don’t want to become a Joint Chief of Staff.  What you want to do is get into the Church because it’s going to be through the Church that the wisdom of God is going to be made known and there is going to be a little expression this year, you heard it here first, where?  In the Church.  The next word is creative.  God showed me that Apostles and Prophets were going to unleash borage of prophetic creative declarations over Churches.  These won’t be sermons or teachings, but they will be literal creative declarations from Heaven literal awakening word that will have a life giving dimension to them so that when apostles and prophets do their job and leave the church and go on to the next church, they will literally have changed the atmosphere of the church.  And the Lord even kind of scared me He said, “Apostles and prophets for 2010 will operate and express more revelation in their ministry than over the last ten years combined.  So it’s going to be a year of great creativity for apostles and prophets.  Number 7 was media and I’m just going to read it the way the Lord gave it to me; for 2010 we are take the media back from the world.  Any Christian ministry that has an opportunity to get on the radio or TV needs to do it now says the Lord.  Number 8 was fear; the Lord said “The Church needs to repent of the sin of fear, it’s an epidemic in the Church and the Lord wants us to go from fearful to fearless because the devil has used fear as his number 1 strategy to paralyze the Church and its working.  Number 9 -holiness.  It is time for the church to clean up her act.  He verse that God gave me was, “There is a filthiness of the flesh and a filthiness of the spirit and this must be eradicated from the Church.  Now number 10 was dream; and He said, “For 2010 it will be a year where all believers’s will begin to see a dramatic increase of spiritual dreams that they will experience.  Seventy-five percent will be warnings.  So the Holy Spirit says take heed to your dreams.

Sid: Now with me personally, I have had dreams that are literal but most of my dreams are symbolic and to be candid with you I’m not sure of what they mean and so I usually just ignore them because I don’t really interpret them to my satisfaction.  Do you believe that there will be more literal dreams?

Denny: I do, yeah, I think about the four dreams surrounded the birth of Jesus Christ.  These were literal warnings that they heeded that protected the Son of God upon His birth, Yes I believe that many times dreams can be literal especially the one that are warning.

Sid: Now when you have prophetic words, I imagine that there’s a lot of times that you don’t understand what you’re saying, but the person receiving them know exactly what you’re saying.  For instance you had a word once for someone, “Don’t give your ticket away.  I bet you had difficulty giving that word.

Denny: Not only did I have difficulty giving it, but when I was done I said, that’s the stupidest prophecy I have ever heard and I’m the one that gave it.

Sid: Well, what did it mean to the person that got it?

Denny: Well, I stood this just little cute as a button little twenty-five year old blond up in my meeting looking like my daughter and I said, to her publically Sid, “The Lord would say, because I had a vision, and I saw a train, and I saws a conductor and I saw a train station.  And I saw this train pulling up.  And in a vision I saw this, so I said, I’m going to describe what I see.  The right train is coming, until the right train comes don’t give your ticket away.  So the Lord would say that when the right train does come along that’s when you give your ticket away.  Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it till the right train get here says the Lord.  Do not give your ticket away.  Sid I had absolutely no idea, what it meant I was begging the Holy Spirit for an interpretation when I done giving it the church didn’t know what it meant, I didn’t know what it meant, I’m sure the little girl didn’t know what it meant.  After the meeting she walks up I’m suppose to tell you what my Dad told me to tell you.  I said, “Well, who are you? I’m the lady that you just said, “Don’t give your ticket away.”  I went, “Oh, yeah.  Does that mean anything to you?”  Absolutely, three nights ago I was at my boyfriend house, Nathan’s a believer, I’m a believer.  We were sitting on the couch watching TV.  Here’s the phone call that my Dad and I had, he calls me around 11:15.  I pick up the phone, “Oh hi Dad.”  “Hi, sweetheart, how are you doing sweetheart?”  “Doing good Dad,”  “Well, sweetheart, do you still have your ticket?”  “Yeah, I do Dad, I have it right here in my purse.”  “Okay, honey we agreed that you wouldn’t give your ticket away right.”  “Yes, Dad I still have it don’t worry.”  “Okay honey, just remember don’t give your ticket away.”   And I said, “Young lady what are you telling me?” She said, “You prophesied the secret code language that my Father and I devised that I would remain sexually pure until I got married.”  My Dad couldn’t call me on the phone and say honey, are you being sexually pure tonight?  He couldn’t call me on the phone and say honey, and say “Honey are you still a virgin?”  So we devised a secret code which was, “Don’t give your ticket away,” which was a symbolic code language meaning are you behaving yourself with your boyfriend Nathan?  So she said, you prophesied the secret code language just between my Dad and me.

Sid: Now, out of curiosity, do you ever prophesy healing for people and they get healed?

Denny: Hundreds of times, in fact I’ve had a history of doing just that; I’ll have a word or knowledge that will reveal the need for the healing and then the healing gift kicks in.  Yes I have.

Sid: And have you ever had prophetic words of what’s blocking the healing?

Denny: Precisely.  If it’s a spirit I know the spirit of infirmity that’s causing it and I often will see over people these spirit in action and I will address the spirit and then prophecy healing and then they get healed.

Sid: How about something of people that want to have children and can’t have children.

Denny: As a matter my greatest healing gift is in the area of barrenness.  I have literally hundreds of testimonies around the world from barren couples who could not conceive where it was revealed to me that a spirit of barrenness.

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