Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Shira Sorko-Ram. She’s reporting to us from Jerusalem, Israel. Shira, what is the feeling like of the average Israeli with the threat of Iran, all the missiles, everything? What is like to live in Israel being pressed from almost every side?

Shira: Well obviously the two greatest pressures against the Israelis is, number one, Iran, which is, as I said before, acting just like Hitler did with his mouth, and secondly, the United Nations.

Sid: Why is the United Nations so against Israel?

Shira: It is so simple to tell you. There’s around 50 Arab nations in the Arab League. That’s not exactly the number, but around 50, and so that’s out of close to around 200 member nations. And then you have another 70 or 80 nations that are either partly or wholly Islamic. And so the United Nations is simply dominated by Islam. And so whatever the oil countries, whatever they direct, these other nations move with them.

Sid: Speaking of the United Nations passing a resolution, what do you think about the reports that this September, the United Nations might declare a Palestinian state without Israel’s consent or working out any peace arrangements?

Shira: Israel has asked the Palestinian authorities and said, look, just recognize our nation that we have a right to exist as Jewish nation, just like you have a right to exist all these other nations around that are Arab nations, Islamic nations. Let us have one nation and recognize us, and secondly, agree to stop your terrorism against us. That’s what Israel is asking. Now the Palestinians say, no, we’re not gonna do that. We’re not gonna recognize and we want all of our Palestinian, several million refugees, so called, and that’s a whole other tale. We want them to come back to Israel, which means, of course, that it wouldn’t be a Jewish state any more. And so Israel has been going, ever since I’ve been in this country, this is what has been the conflict. And so now the Palestinians are saying, hey, we’re not gonna agree to that. And so we just decided we’re going declare our own state, period. And if the United Nations agrees and all the other nations agree then we have our own state. That is what is coming up in September.

Sid: Briefly, what could you foresee happening to the United States if they do not veto this and go along with the resolution to declare a Palestinian state?

Shira: Yeah. Well that means that they’re dividing up the nation and that’s what Joel, the prophet Joel said that God was going to come against these nations because they are dividing up the land. You can’t do it because God gave this tiny little wisp of a nation to the Jewish people. Now God loves the Arab people. He’s given them, I think it’s, how much is it, 562 times more land than He gave to Israel. But the Arabs want that next little piece of land. But it’s not going to happen. Israel is going to be here. God’s going to keep His promise, and the nations that come against Israel will see tragedy coming to them.

Sid: Last question, Shira. Will there be a revival among Jewish people before the Rapture? Many Christians say, let’s not share with the Jewish people because after the Rapture they’ll get saved. What do you think?

Shira: That is horrible, horrible way to think, because even if that were true, which I don’t see it that way, every Jewish person that dies without having salvation, he’s lost, just like anybody else. Look, the Bible says, Yeshua said, look, to the Pharisees, to these unbelieving Pharisees, “You’ll not see me again until you say, ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.'” That means somebody who’s accepting the Messiah. In the Book of Acts, Peter is talking to the people there and he says, “Believe on the Lord, Yeshua, and when you do, all of these things are going to be fulfilled and then the Lord will send the Messiah back.”

Sid: I see a great Jewish revival that’s about ready to happen in Joel, too. What do you see there?

Shira: I believe it. I believe that there’s going to be a revival and they’re going to be here. And when Yeshua comes back to this earth, they’re going to say, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” Yes, there’s going to be many, many Jewish saved people who are waiting for Yeshua to come back.

Sid: What’s the climate among Jewish people right now, young Jewish people in Israel?

Shira: I think they’re looking. They’re looking and as we get stronger and have more opportunities to get the Good News out by ways that we don’t have at our disposal: television, Internet, media, they’ll have a chance to hear, and I believe they’re going to really receive. I know when I talk to individuals they’re very open to me.

Sid: Shira, thank you for so much for being my guest on It’s Supernatural.

Shira: Thank you, Sid.

Sid: And thank you for listening to us. You don’t realize how prophetic this show has been. You know in Obadiah 1:15, it says, “If you have done unto Israel, it will be done unto you.” And in Joel, Chapter 3, it’s been pointed out, “There will judgment on the nations for one specific sin, dividing up my plan.” Well all this is going on. You see how End Times are speeding up. I wish more people would understand God’s law of evangelism. When God wanted to reach the world, He went to who? The Jew, Abraham. When Jesus wanted to reach the whole world, who did he go to? He said, “I got only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.” When Paul wanted to reach the whole world, who did he go to? He said, in Romans 1:16, “I go to the Jew first.” That is God’s strategy. By going to the Jew first, it opens up a supernatural door of evangelism for gentiles beyond anything the world has ever seen. This is God’s method. Amos, Chapter 9, it says, “When the Tabernacle of David is restored,” and the word “Tabernacle” in Hebrew means “house”. When our family, when the family of David is restored the Jewish people will be the greatest gentile revival in history. Get it right, folks. It’s going on, I hope, right now.

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