Sid:  Brenda Kunneman has just written a brand new book called “The Supernatural You” which is literally a handbook to convince you and then teach you that the power that is in the top evangelist the world has ever known, that same power that is in Jesus, is in you and it’s time, I mean your name is being called to come to the front and center stage; are you going to say yes or no?  Brenda I love the analogy of comparing the source of God’s power to a river.  Tell me a bit about that.

Brenda:  Well, of course you know that Jesus is really the one that gave us this concept, He said in John 7:37–39 “If any man thirsts, let him come to Me and take a drink.”  That means anybody, I don’t care if you think you’re the pinky toe of the body of Christ, you know it’s a common analogy I use, if you think that you are the most insignificant part.  If you’re thirsty, you come take a drink, it’s available for you and He said, “He that believes on Me as the scriptures said, out his own belly,” that means your spirit.  So if you’re listening today, I want to encourage you that out of your spirit the Holy Spirit, if you’re filled with Him, will make that river source available for you to do signs, wonders, and miracles.  Now I know, I hear by the Spirit there is somebody out there; you need a desperate miracles in your finances today.  I mean that there are so many people that are hungry for miracles, but I know that there are somebody listening that you are like if you don’t have a miracle tomorrow that you’re like you don’t know what else you’re going to do.  In fact, I hear that you are in foreclosure in the house and the Lord is saying that there is miracle right now in your mouth.  Speak it, release the miracle, that river is waiting to flow; you just release the miracle, say and this is the way that I hear God say it, God is saying, “What do you want me to do?”  Just decree the thing and it shall be established; let Me show you my power; let me show you My miracle.  So I want to encourage somebody with that that’s listening.  You have a river that is available to flow through you to do the most unusual signs and wonders, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Let me encourage people that are listening that the same God; now I hear this so closely, the same God that said, “Light, come into existence,” is the same God that is working in you.  The same God that parted the Red Sea, the same God that parted the waters of the Red Sea, the same God that did all the signs and wonders in Egypt, the same God, that healed people on the shore of Galilee, He is in your own spirit.  What are you waiting for?  You are anointed and so I want to encourage you as you’re listening you can release the anointing.  Now if I could just give you a few pointers that will help you because I’ve done these things in my own life and I’ve seen some of the most incredible supernatural occurrences when I’ve put certain principals to practices.  Number 1: Pray in the Spirit, and I believe in a few moments we are going to be able to pray for some people to get filled with the Holy Spirit and in fact you don’t even have to make it hard.  I didn’t make it hard; I got filled with the Holy Spirit in the bathroom.  I walked in, and said, “Holy Spirit, fill me,” and I spoke in tongues.  Well, people say well I don’t know if I could do that.  Well, yeah you can, just open your mouth and in fact if you are listening and your just thinking, man I would love to try that, just do it.  Let me encourage you, just do it.

Sid:  But, they don’t know what to say, some of them are saying.

Brenda:  Just move your mouth, move your tongue.

Sid:  And that’s the deal, you won’t know what to say, you won’t hear it until you say it.

Brenda:  That’s right and…

Sid:  You won’t walk on water till you move your own legs, you won’t talk even in English until you move your own tongue and you start making sounds.  So do something by faith just start speaking.

Brenda:  I walked in the bathroom and I said, “Holy Spirit, fill me and I said, well I might as well start and I moved my mouth and went ba, ba, ba,” and now I started praying in tongues.  And so it started out what sounded like it was just me, but there is that.  If you’ll step out on the waters, if you find the greatest miracles of scriptures when people stepped out and did the miracles.  It wasn’t because they waited for God to wallop them on side of the head and then they went out and did a miracle.  They stepped out in the supernatural because it is a walk of faith.  You half to believe it before you see it, and so I’ve seen by taking these steps of the supernatural I’ve have seen some of the most incredible occurrences in my own life, I couldn’t even list.  And could I just say this if this is okay for the listeners?  It is so much better to live that way to know that you have a resource from God to do and to work and to bring about miraculous occurrences every time.  It’s so much better than feeling like you are on your own.  I mean I can pull on that river anointing for whatever I need at any moment, I can call on it.  But I want to kind of give some of the believer’s a few principals that I think would help them.  If you’re filled with the Holy Spirit to tap into that power:  No. 1. Believe that you are anointed.  Jesus, the first thing that He said in 1 John 4:18 “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me.”  He had to stand up and decree, it was the first way that he started his ministry, went into the wilderness, came out of the wilderness, the Bible says that He went into the wilderness in Luke 4 to be tempted of the devil, when he left the wilderness the Bible said He came back in the Spirit of Power and the first thing He said was, “I’m anointed.”  So if you want to be used in the anointing you decree a thing, say: “I’m anointed.”

Sid:  I’m anointed.

Brenda:  I have the power of God upon me.

Sid:  I have the power of God upon me.

Brenda:  God wants you to go and minister, to pray for the sick I always say I’m anointed.  These hands are anointed.

Sid:  These hands are anointed.

Brenda:  My body is anointed.

Sid:  My body is anointed.

Brenda:  When I do that, it ignites the faith that I have for that river to begin to flow; that’s the first one, you have to believe it.  And the best way to believe something, and of course Sid we know this principal; you speak it to where your own ears can hear it.  And I’ve done this with people in conferences where thousands of people are there and people, people literally, you don’t have to lay hand son them, literally you know, tumors fall off.  People, I had a story of a lady I said, “Everybody, how many of you know that you are anointed?”  They began to scream and shout, this one lady brought a testimony the next night, she had been at that meeting, the next night she was healed, brought a doctor’s report, she had had a blood test, she was healed of HIV.  I mean I’m telling you, when people know what’s in them, they can receive self deliverance; they can step into the power of God.  They can see cancers healed, they can see they’re sick…they can see prodigals come back.  To call them back, believe that you are anointed.  Second is:  Pray in the Spirit.  Make a practice.

Sid:  How much do you pray in the Spirit?

Brenda:  I pray in the Spirit regularly, so that means sometimes, let me say it this way, sometimes I’ll set aside maybe an hour.  But you know I want to make people feel like wow, you know I’ve got to go pray and hour and you know especially you know that housewife and she’s just trying to get the kids on a schedule and you can, I’ve had my greatest times of praying in tongues while I’m cooking dinner in the evening, I just walk around, I pray in the Spirit, I pray in tongues while I’m getting ready.

Sid:  Well, I go out to the gym and I sit on an exercise bike and I guess a lot of people think I’m crazy, or a Hebrew word, Mischugah, but I redeem the time, I pray in tongues.  That gym is so anointed.

Brenda:  Yes, that is the way and praying in tongues is a doorway to those rivers of the Spirit, cause Jesus said it, He said the rivers, this He was speaking of the Spirit, John 7:38, “This He was speaking of the Spirit that should come after that was the sign that filled the believers on Pentecost.  They began to pray in tongues, as the Holy Spirit gave them utterance, so I find the more I pray in tongues, the more manifestations of the supernatural I have and so I would encourage people listening if you really want to see miracles, pray in the Spirit.  You have to believe it, same “I’m anointed,” and then you begin to pray in tongues.  Make a habit of it, just in throughout your daily life, include it, you can ride in the car, I think there is different dimensions of praying in the Spirit and I teach in the book about stepping into different dimensions of tongues, and so I would encourage the listeners to listen to that.  Or to read that because if you step into different dimensions of praying in tongues, see more occurrences.

Sid:  Well give me a few of the dimensions of praying in tongues.

Brenda:  Well, human beings kind of tend to be we don’t always to expressive, especially when you get over into Christendom, churches kind of trained us a little bit to, well you know this is how you have church and this is how you pray; and you sit down in your chair, or you kneel by your bed, and that’s all good, but I think there’s different kinds of praying in the Spirit.  Let me just kind of give you an example, I’ve had times where I’ve laid on the bed and just prayed in tongues, just above a whisper you know, just a little bit.  But then I’ve had other times where it comes out like a lion, like you know there are different kinds of water and I teach in the book, in the book of Genesis Chapter 1, there were four rivers that came out of Eden now represent different things; the river that went hedical that went toward Assyria was a raging river.  Hedical means raging, it means it was rapid water.  Then there was the river Euphrates, which means fruitful.  And so on some dimensions of tongues are like like warfare, there warring tongues and I’ve had times where I’ve had one occurrence where I was praying in the wildest tongues.  I mean just the unusual praying in tongue for a family that was in our church, their child was really sick and the doctors were giving a bad report and something just, I yielded myself, prayed in the Spirit.  I mean tongues that almost sounded unusual to your own ears and as I was praying, it just boom just came out of me, I think I was there twenty – thirty minutes and just intense praying in tongues and they called and said, “The doctor said the baby’s healed.”  That was one dimension of tongues.

Sid:  Brenda, we don’t have time we’ll pick up here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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