Sid:  Now as I have been saying all of this week my personal devotional soaking time I use a brand new CD by Grace Williams.  It’s called take me away.  And as we found out on yesterday’s broadcast what she meant by the title is take me away into the presence of God.  Take me away into the secret place.  As a matter of fact Grace, this is literally a prophetic impartation of Psalm 91 which I recommend everyone listening to my voice reads out loud and personalizes every day.  If you know anyone in the military urge them to do this because every problem that could happen to a human in life is covered by the protections and the promises in Psalm 91.  And I think it’s so amazing that, what did God tell you would occur when people listen to this prophetic impartation through music?

Grace:   Well, I believe that it’s just going to provide His divine protection that’s available in this hour and really being encapsulated in His shelter, in His wings which is in His presence and just that powerful safety and refuge that we can run to in time of need really.

Sid:  Now tell me about the selection we have today, “Holding On.”

Grace:  “Holding On,” this was really powerful moment when I was just worshiping as I so often do in my studio and I was just really crying out to the Lord and my hearts cry you know holding on strongly.  And I feel as though Heaven’s embrace is the theme song for so many moments in my life personally and feeling that touch from Heaven and as I was writing the song “Hold On” I just began weeping and tears flowed, I was just so moved by the Spirit and my spirit just started just started crying out “I need Your hand in mine, I need Your hand in mine.”  I was crying out to the Lord and it was right then as I was singing those words He allowed me to see His huge outstretched arms and they were reaching down from Heaven and He literally grabbed my hand to pull me up to where He was and I went up in the Spirit and He lifted me up into the Heavens; and I was suspended above the earthly realm and all these things that just on the earth just faded away.  And I could sense, all I could sense was just amazing acceleration and quickening power of His mighty strength; His strong arm you know that drew me up and I was consumed by His passion for me and His fiery eyes, the warmth of His love that cradled me and I was safe in His arms.  All fear was gone, all fear just dissipated and I knew that it was in that secret place that I was safe and in that hiding place.  You know He talks about where He preserves us from trouble and He surrounds us with songs of deliverance; and He said tell my people I’m surrounding them with songs of deliverance, songs of healing and if they can have an ear in their heart to hear this sound of Heaven it will bring such peace and safety.  And right now, right now I just sense the Lord; the Lord is setting someone free right now of an abusive relationship.  God’s breaking off chains today, many woman are being set free also of depression and oppression.  A spirit of heaviness that has had you bound, you have been bound for so long is lifting right now, in the Name of Jesus because Jesus is the Glory and the lifter of your head.  So just lift your hands right now wherever you are and be free in the Name of Jesus, just receive that healing, receive that freedom.  Every chain is broken in the Name of Jesus as you lift your hands and be free you are going to walk out of that darkness, you are going to walk out of that spirit of heaviness.

Sid:  And the anointing is going to destroy the yoke from the CD “Take Me Away.”  Excerpt of “Take Me Away.”

Sid:  That was “Holding On” from the new CD by Grace Williams “Take Me Away.”  Take me away into your presence; can you see how you’ll be taken away into His presence?  Grace, how do you write music?

Grace:  Well, you know people ask me that all the time Sid, and it’s so just awesome because it always happens different ways.  Sometimes, you know I’ll be in my car driving and worshipping and God will just drop a melody into my heart and I’ll grab by little digital recorder and I’ll start singing many times it’s in my own you know, personal worship time when I’m just crying out to God at my piano and singing and God will just literally just download melodies from Heaven or words from Heaven and so it’s really is cultivated you know in my own personal worship time.  You know, random moments in the shower I’ll be just praising God or out in my back yard, and really just that intimacy of being with the Lord and that relationship of just loving the Lord and being His daughter and He just pours forth songs and you know I’m just so honored and humbled that He would allow me to pour forth.  You know really I feel like He pours into me and I just pour them out because I want people blessed and touched.  I pray that that’s my heart that these songs fill your hearts and your homes and just be a tool in your own worship time to draw you closer to His presence and His face. 

Sid:  Grace, you have such a almost provoking passion for God that when we hear you sing we have a passion for God.  Have you always had this passion for God?  I know at age three you started speaking in tongues in a supernatural language when you were baptized in the Holy Spirit, where did this passion come from?

Grace:  Well, I think that I’ve been marked by God and branded by God’s love and branded by God’s fire.  And my continual hearts cry is “God set me on fire with Your love, you know set me on fire with Your love, let me burn, let me burn.  And that fire would be contagious and so that’s awesome when I hear testimonies like that it is literally starting fires in other peoples heart’s and spirits, that’s just awesome because it’s that passion and that fervor for His presence, it stirs up.  It stirs up the fire, we had an email testimony from a mother and she was saying almost a similar thing you said Sid, you’re music and voice provided a direct line to the things of Heaven; my eleven year old daughter has now stepped into her prophetic calling since soaking with your music.  And the mother had known that this was God’s intention, but it took Heaven sound to awaken her and through your music God is revealing secrets and hidden mysteries of Heaven and she’s praising…

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