Sid:  We want everyone everywhere that was listening on yesterday’s broadcast can’t wait for Jim Hockaday to continue this story.  You see he was teaching healing at Kenneth Hagen’s Rhema‘s Bible College, Coordinator of Prayer and Healing School, and when he first started you told me Jim on yesterday’s broadcast people were dying.  No one was getting healed.  What was going on?

Jim:  It was so terrible and obviously we didn’t advertise that particular part of the ministry at that time or we would have never had anybody come.

Sid:  I’m sure.

Jim:  But, you know, I was preaching and preaching and preaching and I mean I was a born preacher so it is not as though I stood up and stumbled around.  I mean I preached fire and you know fiery messages.  But, what I was preaching was a message about you will recover if you will just believe.  Now, in one sense there is nothing wrong with that but on the other hand there is no expectation to get anything.  And so I went before the Lord and after three months of seeing such failure I said, “Lord now this is what you called me to do.  But I have to have success or I can’t go on.  So here’s two things that I’ve noticed.  1.  Its not the peoples fault; And 2. It’s not your fault.  There is only one left and that’s me.  If you’ll change me we’ll see the miraculous and from that moment the Lord began to put me on a trail and I began to study the blood covenant and in the blood covenant I began to see that the blood that was shed was God’s signet that if you would trust Him wholeheartedly He would back you up.  And the very week that we began to preach that, which was now over into the first of the year of 1995 in January.  The very first week miracles began to pop and happen like you can’t believe.  I had a tumor disappear under the palm of my hand.  We saw ears pop open.  We had people jumping up in the middle of the service going “My God the pain’s gone, the pain’s gone.”  The arthritis is gone, we had so many things happening that one of the individuals that was a head usher who had been there for six years previous, said in this one week alone.  I have seen more happen than in the six years put together.

Sid:  What do you do with someone that is in your healing school and they get the revelation it is finished and they rest in that but they haven’t had the manifestation of healing?  What about, I’m going to make it even more complex.  What about a woman that has a tumor that’s malignant in her breast and she believes what the Bible says with every fiber of her being.  She knows that it is finished with every fiber of her being but the symptoms are still there and the doctor says you need chemo and you need surgery.  What would recommend this person do?

Jim: Well, alright that’s a good question and I’m going to approach it in a couple of different ways to do it.  #1.  If you get somebody in the environment of God is flowing.  The anointing of God as we know in Proverbs Chapter four Solomon made this statement:  To give your attention unto the Lord incline your ear unto His sayings, let them not department from your eyes for they are life to them that find them and health or healing to all their flesh.  And that word really means a remedy or a medicine.  So if you’re in an environment where the anointing is flowing we would just continue to saturate that body with the anointing until that tumor began to disappear and it would.  It’s just a law of spiritual… 

Sid:  By the way, the anointing has been flowing from the moment you started speaking.  So we’re in an environment like that right now.  But most people that go to most churches are not in an environment like that.

Jim:  No, they’re not and that’s where I’ll say my second point is what we’re teaching people as were working with some of the groups that we’re teaching that we’re actually sending into the hospital to lay hands on the sick.  We’re teaching them to become the object of someone’s faith.  In other words with that individual, that lady if she said I totally believe that Jesus finished the work for me.  I know that I’m healed according to scripture and yet I still don’t seem to have a breakthrough and the tumor disappearing.  Then I would step in to become the object of her faith.  You say, how would you do that?  I would release the anointing on her with my words.  And I would probably say something like this.  Dear lady in the next 24 hours that tumor will soften and will go down a half of what it is right now.  Come back and talk to me tomorrow.  Well, what do you mean you would say that?  Well, I’m authorized.  In other words, Jesus when he spoke in Mark Chapter one.  People marveled and said, with such authority this man speaks that we’ve not heard.

Sid:  But I always thought that he had heard that specific word and then he would speak it.  You’re telling me you’re speaking it from the revelation of the Word.

Jim:  Well, that’s exactly right, and so whether it’s a Rhema of the Spirit in other words a spoken word of revelation; or it’s a revelation based on what God’s spoke on someone else.  In other words, I get a revelation on what Jesus said.  Well it was a Rhema to Him but to me it is the logos.  The Word of God it still has the power of the Holy Spirit drenched all over that Word and that’s one of the benefits of having a relationship with the Spirit.  When you hear the Word of God the Holy Ghost will take the word and make it so real to your spirit and bring revelation to your mind that when you release the same word that was spoken even in the scriptures it will bring the same result.

Sid:  And you know, one of the things I love about the Seminar which actually was taught at Rhema Bible College that were making available this week; the six CDs Seminar entitled “How to develop intimacy with the Holy Spirit,” is you show people how they can be in the presence of God all the time; in the presence of the Holy Spirit all the time moving in the anointing.

Jim:  Well, when we have an opportunity like you’ve just mentioned where there’s more than one day involved and you can get in there and not have to be so strict with just the teaching but then the demonstration is available, at that moment when people see someone begin to demonstrate the presence of the Lord, it will make an impact on their heart.  In fact, I’ll give you this one real quick little illustration.  We were in prayer school one day, and we were singing a song called “Praying the Power Down.”  Well it was a nice song, had a nice little beat, and we were singing it; it was the first time we had sang the song.  We were kind of wearing the song out after about fifteen minutes of singing the same song.  I stepped up the plate form and just had the band stop right in the middle of the people getting ready to sing the next verse.  And they all looked at me and I said to them and so how long do we do this until we are sure that at the power is here?  And what’s it going to look like when it is?  And no one said anything.  Now we had three hundred young people, you know three hundred participates.  I dare to believe it’s here right now.  So I call everyone in this room that’s got a tumor in your body come down here and I’ll demonstrate to you that that power’s in this room.  And we had eight people that came down, six of those tumors left instantaneously and the other two people; I wouldn’t let them go until it left and we kept on laying hands on them three or four times until their tumor disappeared as well.

Sid:  I believe that when people listen to your Seminar, I mean you have so many suggestions of how to have greater intimacy with the Holy Spirit.  I’ll tell you one that you made this suggestion and it just like a light bulb.  I had actually moved into the realm of praying in supernatural languages, in tongues with either not thinking about anything or thinking about the business I’m doing during the day, but not really thinking exclusively about the Lord.  And what a difference to focus on Jesus when you’re praying in tongues as opposed to doing it mindlessly or just thinking of your laundry list.

Jim:  Well, that’s a really good point and I’ll take this moment just to embellish that to say that many times we use our time of prayer in the car because when we are driving alone we got those few moments and we’re just praying the Spirit.  But there really is something to be said of having a still time.  Be still and know that I’m God where you get alone, and you really can.  Just focus on a relationship with Jesus.  The more centered it is to have your relationship on Jesus the Messiah and the greater results you’ll always have.  And when you begin to acknowledge Him that’s when the Holy Spirit will, one of His jobs is to reveal, transmit or to show Jesus to your life.

Sid:  I have got an inclination from the Holy Spirit that on tomorrows broadcast we are going to pray for tumors and these tumors are going to disappear.  You have your faith there Jim for that?

Jim:  Yes Sir, and do I have just one second to release someone that has congestive heart failure that’s listening and I don’t want you to try to do anything but lift up your arms right now and like a sponge out in a rainstorm just soak this up.  That in the wonderful name of Jesus the power of God massages that heart and it becomes normal and it becomes well this day.  That testimony will come to this broadcast and it will magnify Jesus our Lord.

Sid:  The presence of God is so strong Jim and here’s what you know and I know when you know the truth from the word of God and you are in that presence of God all things are possible for  But for the person that said, but I’m not in the presence of God that much.  Well you’re in it right now and wait till you get these six CDs on “How to Develop Intimacy with the Holy Spirit.  You’ll begin to hear God and you’ll begin to pray more effectively in the Holy Spirit.  You’ll literally get a jump start the things of God and the things of the Spirit, you need it.  And you’re going to find through this intimacy that all of your five spiritual senses are going to just be activated like never before.  But the greatest of all is you’re not going to be working out of a formula.  That’s religion.  You’re going to be working out of intimacy with God on what He has given to you and as you receive it, you’ll be able to give it to other people.  You’ll be empowered to release because of the anointing on t his seminar to release what’s already inside of you.


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