Sid:  I have a man that is a perfect one new man; his name is Dr. Renny McLean.  Why do I say that he is a perfect one new man?  Because his father was Gentle and his mother Jewish, I’m talking to a one new man Renny.  But you the one thing I want you to teach me and will let our audience, our Mishpochah ease drop on.  The one thing, Renny is and when I study healing over all these years, if I could only have one ingredient to emphasize for healing it will be what you teach and that is worship.  Now you came from a family where your mother being Jewish, you should have never understood these things; but she had a visitation from the Lord; became a believer in Jesus and you learned about worship from an early age.  Tell me what you learned as a young child about worship.

Renny:  I learned Sid, that when every time I worship the presence of God would come and I would know it, because I began to understand, you know I was doing things in my early years that I didn’t understand till years after.  For example, this is what I understand now, what I was doing then and this is what I understood that worship is the affirmation that God is present.  And when God is present, anything can happen and that’s a simple truth, but it’s very profound.  Worship demands God to be present.  And I notice that when we would worship, the atmosphere would change.  People would change, the glory would come in and things would actually just begin to happen.

Sid:  But, let me ask you this question for some people that are listening right now.  They were not blessed with having a family like you did in the way you were raised and they hear worship they think of magnificent singing in the church, but they’ve never really felt much and they certainly never seen the need when they’re outside of church to be worshiping God.  What would you say to them?

Renny:  Well, let’s break it down so that the whole people get this. First of all this is what happens, when we worship, when we worship the presence of God comes.  When the presence of God comes people are in harmony with their creator and so because t there is that harmony between man and God then what you are suppose to be is what you become.  So that’s why you become healed, that’s why you become delivered, that’s why you become prosperous because whatever God touches you know, he imparts himself.  And so Sid I learned a long time ago that at times we enter the presence of God, but people do not know what to do in the presence.  There are times when the presence of God comes all we can do is just lift our hands.  And sometimes you can’t say nothing, because there’s nothing to say because He is just God.  You just lift your hands.  You can lift your hands right now and just acknowledge that He is present.

Sid:  Let’s do it, lift your hands right now, everyone listening to me, unless you’re driving and then let’s not tempt the Lord.  Lift your hands up.  Alright I have my hands lifted up, be my coach Renny.

Renny:  Yeah, Lord we just worship you now.  We acknowledge your presence, we declare you our king; we declare you our Lord, we declare you our Savior.  You are present right now and when you are present Lord there is nothing lacking when you are present.   That means healing is present, oh My God, that means healing is present, that means prosperity is present.  Everything you are is present because when you come there is nothing of yourself you leave behind.  And so Lord, we lift our hands to you and we say thank you Lord!  Thank you Lord!  We just need to thank Him.

Sid:  Thank you Lord, thank you, thank you for your goodness, Lord if I didn’t feel anything right now I would thank you as much as I’m thanking you right now. But however I do feel something.  They’re some people that don’t feel a thing and if they would only know that you receive their thanks whether they feel anything or not and you are pleased by them thanking you right now.  Thank you Lord.  Bless you Lord.

Renny:  Yes, we thank you.  You see Sid, what I just heard in the Spirit He said when were thanking Him we’re worshipping Him, we’re sowing to the Spirit, we’re sowing to the Spirit.  And you know the longer we do it you know, the greater the seed then God pours it back in the form of harvest.

Sid:  You know I remember many years ago Renny, when I became a new believer there was a man that was very popular in the Full Gospel Businessman circle of speaking; his name is Norvel Hayes.  And if I remember right, he had five million dollar corporations and that impressed everyone back then.  But this is what he use to say, every morning I just spend a lot of time thanking God.  I never really understood what he was saying until now; you understand what he was saying.

Renny:  Yes, yes, definitely yes because Sid if you think about it if we submit to Him you can’t submit and not yield.  It is in the yielding feel His presence.  It is in the yielding we feel His power, it is in the yielding we feel His glory; and the atmosphere changes; the atmosphere becomes light.  The atmosphere sometimes can become heavy with His presence.  But burdens become lifted; people become free; and all of a sudden you’re beginning to think on a different plain because you are in the presence of God Almighty.  And when God Almighty is recognized as God Almighty and we affirm His presence, I mean to think about it right now you can be in the worse place you can imagine and yet the minute you start to say Lord I worship You.  You’re demanding His presence to be with you right there and then.

Sid:  So someone could be listening to us right now in prison and be freer than some others that are listening to us and their not…their just spectators, they’re not entering in; they’re in more prison than someone in a prison.

Renny:  One hundred percent, one hundred percent because God has come to them by reason of their worship.  He changes atmosphere, he changes lives, he touches all kinds of things; I mean it’s incredible; some of the most incredible things we have ever seen Sid is when we get people to the revelation of worship.

Sid:  How does someone lose four dress sizes in worship?  Explain it to me.

Renny:  Well, I’ll tell you how it happens because we’ve seen it so many times; I mean I need to really start saying a lot of things we’ve seen.  Cause we were one of the first folk to see it.  And what we found Sid, I can tell you the first time I ever saw it, we were worshiping God it was in the middle of a worship service and the glory of the Lord was present and this lady began to just worship worship she wasn’t thinking about it.  Now, this is something Sid I think that is really coming into my spirit as I talk to you right now.  Part of the problem with God’s people is is that we are thinking about our issues more than we are God.

Sid:  Okay, listen I’m guilty of that, coach me.  How can I stop it?

Renny:  Because we make our problems our idols when we…

Sid:  Oh, you just did it to me, you’re telling me that’s my idol, I’m dropping it.  Ha ha

Renny:  So the secret of it is is that we reached to a stage that where we literally taken ownership of it instead of letting go, you can’t let God until you let go.  To let go you let God be God.  And the woman, all she did was just worship.  She wasn’t thinking about her problem and its interesting God, when she was worshiping God, God was thinking of her.  Isn’t that incredible Sid?  When we were not thinking of Him, he was thinking of us.  My goodness —all of a sudden as she’s in service now and she just begins to worship God with no agenda, she just began to worship and as she began to worship it just began to just drop.  She couldn’t understand it her cloths just began to drop; she had to hold up her dress.

Sid:  Now, I mean you must have been shocked when this first started happening.

Renny:  Well, I’m going to be honest with you Sid; I was very shocked because I’d never heard of that before.  I mean I have seen people who have had a tumor you know, you know when people use to tumor years ago it can make a woman look bigger than normal; a tumor in certain places.  So I have seen God do those miracles, but to actually see weight loss, I mean I can tell you when we first saw it it was in 1998, you know and I can tell you; I can remember it as if it were yesterday.  This is how it was, it was in the atmosphere of worship, because when you are in the presence of God, if you think about it, when you are in the presence of God and you’re really seeing Jesus you are not really thinking about you.  You can’t be thinking of you because He has to become more real to you than you are.  And when we…and when that happens you can’t think of yourself.  Well, you just think of worshiping Him, because that is all we can do is just worship Him and that’s when the supernatural as it were becomes natural.

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