Sid:  It’s as if a Christian believer in Messiah is incomplete and a Jewish believer in the Messiah is incomplete.  But when the two spiritual DNA’s come together it makes a full dwelling place for God and forms the one new humanity; it’s a new species of being that has never existed previously.  And one of the things that concerned me and concerns my guest, Peter Horrobin and I’m speaking to him by way of telephone at his home and I believe it is Lancaster, England. 

Peter:  It is in deed and it’s great to speak to you Sid.

Sid:  Well, it’s been too long Peter, but one of my concerns and I know one of your concerns is when someone has a marvelous experience with the Lord and gets saved, it seems as though they carry the baggage that they had from before being saved, some they get rid of but they still have a lot of t his baggage.  And that’s never really addressed that much by the church and in fact, Jesus said, not to make converts, but to make disciples.  And what you teach is a missing element in what is taught in most discipleship that I know of in most churches.

Peter:  Well, I think that it is an absolutely vital element.  When Jesus was giving advice to the disciples in how to pray.  One of the things He said in what we call the Lord’s Prayer is that Your Kingdom come on earth and so often we look at becoming a believer and receiving Yeshua becoming born again of the Spirit of God as an escape as it were when we die into Heaven.  But when Jesus told the disciples to pray, He said Your kingdom come on earth.  Now kingdom means, the reign of a King and where the reign of the King is in place you have kingdom authority.  And when Jesus ministered healing to people he was ministering in the authority which He had because He was above all powers, above all other spiritual beings and He had absolute authority.  And so He told the disciples, you go and do the same.  You go and minister in my name, with my authority and you bring the Kingdom of God, the  power of the Spirit of God on earth to those that are in need. 

Sid:  Peter, the question that many good believers ask is “I know God can heal, I know God wants to heal, but how come it’s been year after year after year and I’ve prayed and I’ve stood by faith and people tell me I don’t have enough faith, but why am I not healed?”  People are saying that all over.  You have the answers.

Peter:  Yeah, many people are looking for healing, but you know one of the ladies that we prayed for over a long period of time and she came to a place half way through that process of healing.  She came with physicatric care to us originally and she got to a stage when she realized that she wouldn’t get any further until her relationship with Jesus was more important to her than her healing.  And many people…

Sid:  And you know, I don’t hear that enough, all I hear is you don’t have enough faith.  You have to mediate more on the promises. 

Peter:  Yeah, but somebody gets stressed up saying oh, you haven’t got enough faith.  But you see when we have that relationship with Jesus that’s really intimate and we want Him above all things and we want Him more than our healing, then actually He can speak to us about the things that need healing.  And many of the symptoms that people struggle with are caused by things that their not addressing.  So they want the symptoms dealt with, but they’re not addressing the real cause and sometimes deep in the heart there’s bitterness and unforgiveness, their relationships have gone sour.  There’s traumas they have experienced in the past and in a sense they buried them and say oh that’s the past, that’s the past I just want to be healed now.  And yet there is a link between the things that have happened to us and the present circumstances.  And yes, Jesus and His anointing could overcome all of that, but actually He wants us to exercise our own choice to walk in His way, to want what He gives us to give us the freedom that only He can give and that means we got to actually apply the truth of the Word of God in our lives.  In John 8:31 Jesus is talking to his disciples and He said the truth will set you free, but that sentence the truth will set you free is part of a much longer sentence and it begins with the word is.  And when you have the word is it means there’s something that you got to do in order to come into line in what’s being said.  And so He said if you hold to my teaching you’re really my disciples, then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.  And so many of the people that are looking for healing, they’re looking to Jesus to come and heal the symptoms, oh Lord, increase my faith.  But actually they’re ignoring some of the teaching that Jesus gave.  And if they obey the teachings then they become disciples.  Then they know the truth and then they will discover the truth will set them free.

Sid:  You know I am so excited over your series that we are going to be making available, obviously a lot of other people are excited because you have twenty healing centers around the world and it’s growing all the time.  The thing that I want people to understand is how God hand trained you to disciple others so that they could be whole, so that they could fulfill their destiny.  I think that it’s kind of neat at four years old, your mother couldn’t find you one day; you were standing on a bucket preaching to a group of kids at four years old.  I was not thinking about preaching to a group of kids, especially being Jewish, but go ahead.

Peter:  Yeah, well I don’t think I went out to find a congregation, but I learned by watching my father and then in my heart I knew that what He was saying was true and so I gathered all the kids together and I began to tell them the same stories that my father was telling.  And when I went missing, all the other kids in the road were missing as well so there was a group of mothers all looking for their lost children and they discovered them all listening to me at the age of four. 

Sid:  And then you were restoring a sports car.  This was in about 1970 and you heard the audible voice of God which set almost in stone the course of your life, tell me about that.

Peter:  You know Sid, God speaks to you in the ordinary as well as in the spiritual and I think sometimes we try to divide the spiritual from the secular, but actually God doesn’t divide those at all.  Everything He created and where ever we are, we are in Him.  And so I was thinking about to rebuild an old sports car and when I got the car stripped down to the bare metal of the steel gutters, the chasse on which the car was built I saw that it was bent and you can’t drive a car with a bent chasse, you can’t stop it properly, you can’t steer it and I was in my mind twenties and I began to cry at the time.  Aw, I’ll never be able to rebuild this lovely old car and God was there right with me in the garage.  I didn’t expect Him, it was a shock and He spoke right into my spirit and He said, you could restore this broken car, but I can restore broken lives.  Then He asked me a question.  Which is more important?  I wanted to say that the car was more important, because I had put a lot of work into it; I knew that restoring broken lives was what God was putting into my spirit really for my personal destiny.  I’d been looking for it for years.

Sid:  But then, a few years later it got even more specific, you were helping a woman that was very, very distressed and you heard again from God.  Tell me about that.

Peter:  Yeah, I recently had been baptized in the Holy Spirit that God had come upon me in His spirit very much like it was at Pentecost in Acts chapter 2; I felt the fire of God burning within me.  And then shortly after that I was asked to help a lady who was very distressed.  She was crying, she couldn’t get her words out, she couldn’t express what her problem was and as I looked at her, God spoke to me right in my spirit and said, this woman is being sexually abused by a lodger in her own home and she’s too ashamed to tell you about it.  So you tell her that you know what her problem is.  I was quite embarrassed; I thought I can’t do this.  And yet I saw the distress in the woman’s face and I thought I am going to half to risk this, so this is my faith to actually risk telling this woman what God was saying.  I thought, if I got this wrong, this is going to be terrible, but it was right and every word I said she said was absolutely correct.  And she began a road to healing that night by forgiving the man who had abused her.  And I learned a huge lesson that night to listen to the voice of God and obey Him and Jesus said, if you love me you will obey me.  And I really loved Jesus and I went out on a limb in faith and said, okay Lord I’m going to do this and it was the beginning for me; all that vision for the car coming to fruition.  On the way home that night, God spoke again right into my spirit and said, I want you to spend the rest of your life bring healing to those in need and teaching others how to do it.  And actually that is the only reason that I’m talking to you today, Sid.

Sid:  Well, you have a supernatural gift to make these truths so clear and people go to your seminars at these centers all over the world and other places, but most people can’t do that and that’s why I’m so excited.  We have one of your series it’s called “The Freedom Series” that we’re making available and it covers areas that many Christians are familiar with but areas that most Christians don’t have a clue about.  And some of the areas that people have problems in like for instance you teach about freedom from trauma.  You teach about, freedom in your relationships and how you’re literally controlled by the past thru ungodly soul ties.  You teach about freedom from fear, you teach about people that have had these traumas like in a war situation or such as a situation or such as a situation the woman you just spoke about.  And then you show people how to get free, and once their free they walk into their destiny. 

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