Sid:  My guest, David Martin had an encounter with the Lord, two encounters in particular.  One in which he received and impartation to walk in holiness to have his spirit win the battle between his flesh.  And it came from what is called the “Shining Light Anointing” in Africa where the people live longer than anyone else in Africa and the people have so much glory that they’re faces shine.  That’s why it was called the Shining Light Anointing.  And then on a mountain top in Africa he received the resurrection impartation to walk in supernatural peace and victory no matter what this world throws at you.  Because he had received a vision of what is going to happen and according to the timing of what the Lord said it’s about ready to happen.  The worse time on planet earth.  But, it’s going to be the best time for believers.  And he prays for these two impartations on his course on “Spiritual Preparation for the End times.”  And this is mandatory for you, absolutely mandatory.  The presence of God is so strong when he teaches on the victory and the supernatural peace and the victory of your spirit over your carnal man.  For instances, David Martin you talk about expecting the miraculous.  You expect the miraculous, explain.

David:  One example that comes to my mind, Sid is in Luke 5 verse 17.  It talks about a whole multitude of people that were there in the room with Jesus.  And what’s interesting is that the Bible says the power of the Lord was present to heal them.  But, what’s interesting is that not one person in that multitude received anything.  The only person that’s going to receive anything comes later.  He comes on a cot with some friends that have faith, and what do they do, those friends literally, because they can’t even get near to Jesus they work their way through the multitude, get up on the roof, literally tear the roof apart and lowered the man down.  And what does Jesus say?  Jesus seeing their faith; and it was that one man out that whole multitude that received a miracle.  Sid, what I’ve come to see and learn is expectation and when you have expectation there is a determination, there’s a diligence, there’s a pressing through the obstacles that are in front of you and we see that Luke 6 verse 17.  Just the opposite scenario, here we see another great multitude of people, again from all these different regions; now this multitude unlike the first multitude, in Mark 5, this multitude it says, they all received.  Every one of them received.  What was the difference?  In verse 17 it says.  They came to hear and they came to be healed.  What I’ve recognized over my course of time in the supernatural is that expectation that is the foundation for the miraculous.

Sid:   How does someone have an expectation that believes God heals, believes God wants to heal them but year after year, they’ve had everyone and their brother pray for them.  They’ve prayed for themselves and they haven’t been healed.  Expectations kind of dies.

David:  Well, it does or it can in some cases.

Sid:  So what advice would you give someone in that predicament?

David:  Well, there’s lots of factors Sid.  I think simply, what Jesus said in Mark 4 to the disciples.  He told them to get in the boat and go to the other side.  That’s what I call the middle ground.  In the disciples’ middle ground, they were fearing for their lives and literally they practically woke up Jesus.  And Jesus literally, as we know, he rebukes the wind, he rebukes the waves and then he rebukes the disciples.  And He says, you know, they have a little less of faith there or they didn’t have any faith; but what happened is they needed to see the other side.  That’s what I tell people, they need to see the other side.  What happens is that so many people, they see their problem and I believe that’s the main reason why people aren’t getting what God has promised them.  As they continue to see the problem instead of the answer. 

Sid:  Tell me about some outrageous miracles that are going on in your ministry?  Like the person whose finger grew back.

David:  Ha ha.  Well, what’s interesting, we didn’t pray for her finger but you know the power of God is present and when the power of God is present, anything can happen.  And I prayed for this gal, she was actually in a prison.  I was ministering in a prison and she had received some gunshot wounds from a robbery and she literally came up for the wounds in her head.  And I was literally praying for the headache problems that she had, but the power of God was present.  You know Sid; I just feel that same power of God’s presence right now.  But the power was God was present to heal her head and as she was going back to her seat she noticed the finger, the tip of her finger that was shot off as well, was completely restored.  It was completely brand-new

Sid:  But, the presence of God is here to heal, would you pray right now?

David:  Oh my, I tell you, the power of God is here right now.  Father God I just thank you that your word says stir up the anointing by way of remembrance. And Father it is stirred up, Lord God you see the needs out there right now Father every type of need Father, whether it be spirit, whether it be soulish, whether it be physical.  Father God, I thank you that Your power is present to heal right now.  We just release the miracle power of Your Spirit to heal, the power to set free and the power right now, oh, I can feel it so strong Sid.  The power to open up eyes, the eyes that are blinded spiritually; I sense there are so many listening right now theirs’ spiritual blindness on you.  You’ve been deceived.  You’ve been mesmerized by the systems of this world and God wants you, he wants you to walk free from that which has got you blinded.  I just believe right now the power of God is present to cause your eyes to see the reality and the sections that you’ve been operating in to removed from you right now, in the Name of Jesus Father God, I just speak healing and liberty and freedom for Your glory in Jesus Name. 

Sid:  You know I feel such a tangible weight of God’s presence.  This is the type of thing that will happen when you listen to David Martin’s teaching.  For instance, you talked about not to look at the problem, but explain through meditating on the word how you can stop from looking at the problem.

David:  Well, Paul said in Ephesians 1 verse 17 that the Father of Glory would give unto you a spirit, the wisdom and revelation and the knowledge of Him.  That the eyes of your understanding being enlightened.  I believe that spirit of wisdom, is a word that God gives you from His word that you believe.  That’s what revealed really means.  It’s revealed to you.  You know that’s it true and then the eyes, that word eye in the Greek literally means “automahee.”  It means eyes wide open.  And the word understanding, literally in the Greek it’s a, depending which translation that you look at in the ancient text; it’s either dianoia, which is what King James uses which means, imagination.  Or New American Standard uses the word kardia.  But, anyway the bottom line is, the eye of your heart, it’s the eye of your imagination and it’s what you see and it says the eye of your understanding being enlightened.  And the word enlightened is where we get the word photograph literally.  It comes from the Greek word, photizo, which means to make something out of nothing using light.  So when people see that word of God and they mediate on the word of God, their imagination is focused on it and they get it into their heart literally; God made something out of nothing using the light of His word.

Sid:  You know, the revelation you have on the word, is so deep and the teaching anointing I just happen to believe when people take your course on Spiritual Preparation for end times.  It’s nine CDs.  Can you picture listening to nine CDs with this type of presence of God?  Your spirit will for the first time overcome the flesh.  You will walk in the peace of God no matter what the devil or the world or people throw at you.  I cannot urge you enough to take this course.

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