Sid:  My guest, Dr. Sandra Kennedy is the head of “Whole Life Ministries” in Augusta Georgia and she has been given a commission, she actually, God told her this three times to take over her city for the Lord. Every aspect by equipping believers to move in such a manifest presence of God that wherever they go there’s change; people are healed; the government doesn’t run as usual; the school systems are not run as usual.  They’re run under the Kingdom of Heaven.  I am very very excited over her teaching because it is so simplistic.  Things that you struggled with for years you’re just not going to struggle with it.  Sandra I feel like if you explain that great miracle that you had in reference to that horrible accident with a dog and your lip in the year 2000 and teach along with explaining what happened.  It’s going to have a, there’s a healing anointing flowing right at this moment.  If you’ll do that I believe miracles are going to take place.

Sandra:  I agree with you, and you know one of the basic principal is that you hang on to the things heals until whatever has happened falls to the name of the Lord.  And Sid, if I can say one little thing as we lead into it because I think that this is primary for lots of people.  People will say you know well you pray for somebody to be healed and they’ll close out you know the will the will of the Lord, you know.  May you be healed if it’s the Lord’s will.  Well the Lord only used that one time and it had nothing to do with healing.  It was in the garden of Gethsemane.  It had nothing to do with healing.  You know the other side of praying for somebody saying “If it is your will Lord heal them, if it is not then let them die.”  You know people need to really, we need to take that away from added that to our prayers, I just felt very strongly to say that; but, because God did not use that when it came to healing.  But as you were saying in the year 2,000 my puppy threw a strange accident I bent over,  she jumped up and her mouth closed, our heads hit, her mouth closed on my lip.  Well, blood went everywhere, I grabbed a towel, and a long story short, called my friends and said I think I need to go to the hospital.  I went to the emergency room and when I got in there the first thing they said to me is “Where is your lip?”  I mean that was not a wonderful thing to hear.

Sid:  You didn’t realize that your lip was missing?

Sandra:  No, It was so bloody and blood was everywhere I just got a towel and put it up against it, I didn’t know that the lip was gone.

Sid: How did your puppy do this?

Sandra: Her head, it was a sheltie with a little pointy nose, you know how their little noses are.  I was getting up off a sofa and I bent forward and she was sitting at my feet and she jumped up and our heads hit and so her nose hit right above my nose and her mouth was open and it came down and closed on my lip.  My top lip and blood just went everywhere and I just ran into the bathroom and grabbed a towel and I was kind of scared to look.  But, I did actually look and it was so raw I didn’t know what I was looking at and then when I got to the hospital the first question the nurse said is “where is your lip?”  Or dear Jesus you know and I said “well, I don’t know.”  Well long and short of that story was that said you are going to need a plastic surgeon and blah, blah blah.  Well, they called a plastic surgeon and he came in because I didn’t know anyone.  He came in, thank God he was a Christian and the first thing he said to me instantly was this cannot be fixed. If it had been your bottom lip it will restore itself but the top will not.  And I’m talking about from my nose, from my nose all the way over to end of my lip on the top.  That whole part ripped off and he said we’ve got to go to surgery immediately and he even had to make a bigger cut because it was so ragged.  He then had to go in and do like a pie cut out more of it so that he could pull it together.

Sid: Now, what were your thoughts when all this was going on?  Am I going to be disfigured for life?  What was going on inside of you, Sandra?

Sandra:  Well, what was going on and he affirmed it.  He told me that I was going to be disfigured for life.  He told me I would never be able to smile again so that my teeth would be seen.  He told me that there was nothing that could be done and he told me that it would take three to six surgeries to make it look anywhere normal and yet I would never be able to have a smile again.  And so I grabbed hold of his hands and I said you know this is my lip my body I’m going to pray.  So I prayed for him and I woke up on the operating table hearing him tell the nurse that I don’t know why he said I normally sew the bottom lip together three weeks later come back and slit it.  And I’m lying on the table saying oh, dear God don’t let him do that, don’t let him do that.  And he said for some reason I feel I’m not to do that.  He came out from the surgery and my friends who were standing by and he said to me and to them.  It was the same identical thing there would be six more surgeries for her to even have any kind of normalcy.  She will never have a smile again.  Oh, it was just terrible and I said to him instantly, yes I will my God will do this and I will never have a never surgery.

Sid:  I have a hunch had you not said that at that point you would have been permanently disfigured for life.

Sandra: I think you are absolutely correct because there is life and death in the power of the tongue.  And I just spoke it out strongly and so when I came back to the office the next day or so when I came back it was so horrible I even came to church.  I had black stuff.  My nose was sitting over the side of my face.  It was horrible, I could only speak out of the corner of my mouth.  My lips were glued to my teeth basically.  And when I went back to see him he wanted to pull out this book of cleft lips and all this kind of stuff  to show me what I was going to be dealing with and I refused to look at it.  I said, I will not look at that book.  I will not look at any of those pictures.  I said my God will do this for me.  So I went home Sid, I found every picture I could find of myself with a beautiful smile and I plastered them all over every mirror all over my walls and everywhere I’d go I would look at that picture; and I would say lip hear me reform yourself in the name of the Lord.  And I would take my finger and I would point it at that lip and I’d say I command you in the name of Jesus to move and straighten yourself out.  And I’m here to tell you..

Sid: Well wait along the way did you have periods of time where you would just weep because of what had happened to you?

Sandra: Listen I walked in church on Sunday morning because I am the pastor and we have a decent size church and you know I walked in and the men’s choir was singing.  And when I walked in, they busted out crying.  It looked horrible and I’d look in the mirror and the guy when he tied it he sewed the thing up he sewed it up with black thread.

Sid: Oh!

Sandra: It was horrible, I mean what woman or anybody, it was horrible looking and I just kept speaking and speaking and speaking and speaking and speaking.

Sid:  Yea, but did you get weary after awhile of the speaking and speaking and not seeing any change?

Sandra: Yeah, but do you know what helped?  Right in the middle of it,  you know I go all over the country doing healing explosion where I come and teach people to do what we’ve been talking about and people come in and we have seen.  I mean the minimum amount of people that I see in a healing explosion is about sixty-five percent.  I have seen as high as ninety percent of all people that come to healing get healed.

Sid: Okay, people are on the edge of their seat what happened to that lip that was supposed to be permanently deformed?

Sandra:  Well, I’m sitting there and I’m looking at that scripture and in Luke it says you know whosoever went after and whatsoever you speak to the mountain and I turned and I went on that Healing Explosion looking like.. Horrible.  I had one because it wasn’t more than ten days after this thing happening to me and I couldn’t cancel it.  And in the middle of that I looked at the audience and I said “It is every man for himself and I turned to the screen and I began to speak and praise and throw my hands in the air and tell and command and it began to move.  It just a little movement a little movement a little movement, a little movement of course that encouraged me and then I just kept speaking, kept looking at pictures of me smiling and I’m here to tell you I could smile and even count all my teeth.

Sid:  Well, I have seen you I can witness to that and of course we will have you on television.  That is an amazing miracle.  But as amazing as that miracle is you’re having people that are having missing body parts..Tell me about one to encourage our people.

Sandra:  Okay, this guy was in a coma in the hospital and we go in of course and teach the word of God coma or no coma because we are talking to the spirit man.

Sid:  And you really believe that when someone’s in a coma they can understand your teaching?   

Sandra: Yes, the spirit man is not in coma.  You’re three parts spirit, soul and body so we speak to the spirit and we go in and we just tell him the word of the Lord by the stripes of Jesus he’s healed and just kept pumping that word of God in him and that guy was there for open heart surgery really.  But anyway the long and the short of that story is that guy showed up at the healing center right after that.  He heard every word that was said.  He walked up to the lady who had been in the hospital that we went down there and he said hello.  My name is John because she had gone in the hospital and said hello John.  And he said my name is John and came back and God totally healed him.  He had diabetes they were fixing to do surgery on his feet, cut his toes off because gangrene had come in.  They were just as black as they could be and all of a sudden he just started yelling take my shoes off, take my shoes off something is happening to my feet.  He took his shoes off and Sid he had brand new little pink toes.

Sid:  And the good news is what Sandra teaches to others she wants to teach you.  And we have three CDs that have the fundamental problem in your life.  The title is “Can God be Trusted?”  I mean can you trust God for what you need for your life.  Whether it’s a physical healing or any of the promises of God and then she has what she calls her foundational booklet called “Preparations for a Move of God in Your Life.”  When you put these two together you will be for the first time in your life not moving in just what’s known as mental accent but believing with all of your heart and you’ll be operating in true faith.

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