SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Nathan Morris. And I found out this young man who the fire of God, literally the fire of God came over him and burned out the drugs and burned out the sex, and burned out everything in the world, and all he could do was have a passion for God. And he starts traveling the world. And Muslims and people of all types start coming to the Lord because they’re seeing signs and wonders. But he found it was because of what he was saying that made such a radical difference in their life. And then he gets a call from Pastor Kilpatrick, and Pastor Kilpatrick had shepherded a revival. He had a conference. He invited him to come and all of it’s fitting together. But then he has a vision, and he hasn’t had many visions in his life. But this one was from God. And what did God tell you?

NATHAN: I saw a crimson tide and I saw Pastor John on the altar of a church. I didn’t know what building it was, but it was a church, and he was on his knees. And he was saying, “Jesus, let your righteousness come and be established in this land.” And I saw a multitude, a crowd behind him, but I knew in my heart that as I was seeing this that these people had already been in God. They were the prayers of the saints that had gone on before. And Pastor John didn’t realize it, but he was joining in with the prayers that had gone on before. And suddenly this crimson tide, a wave bigger than I had ever seen ever in the natural, crimson red in color, it came and it crashed into the church. It literally crashed behind Pastor John. And the thing was that almost took my breath was that it blew the sides of the church walls. It blew the walls clean out of the side. And it was like the building couldn’t contain it. It blew the walls out. And suddenly I was taken around the front and I saw in army in robes just red in color, crimson red. And the Lord said to me, “When you go there you will speak these words: ‘I will visit him again and I will raise up an army that I will send around the world and they will preach the blood, and they will see great wonders. Tell them I’m gonna visit him again.’” And I thought that that was it. I had got my mandate. I shared it with my mother father. And every time I spoke it I felt the power of God. I was supposed to be Hawaii in a week, but stayed in Africa. We were going on with the gospel campaigns. Little did I realize that the night I began to share it God began to visit us again.

SID: And you know what I love about what’s going on here? It’s affecting the young kids, the teenagers. I think it’s making them normal. Oh, if your teenagers were only normal. I want you to talk for a couple of minutes about the blood. Would you do that right now?

NATHAN: You know, Jesus said that there would come an hour, there would come a time in world history, Matthew 24, he said this, he said that, “There will be wars and rumors wars. Nation will rise against nation. There will be earthquake and famine.” Jesus spoke that there would be a great coldness that would enter the heart of man. And anybody that’s watching this right now, you look at the news. Look at the national news in America. Look at the news around the world. Something is being shaken. There’s a darkness that is hidden in the world that we’ve never seen before. Economies are falling.

SID: Listen, I have lived longer than you and I have never seen this before. We are living in one of the most unusual times in the history of Planet Earth. Could it be that we’re at the wrap-up?

NATHAN: We’re literally on the doorstep.

SID: I believe it.

NATHAN: We’re on the doorstep. And you see, there’s been a time where people didn’t want to hear the Gospel. There’s been a time when people’s hunger for God just wasn’t there. But I want to tell you, when people see darkness, when people see what’s happening in the world, things that they place their security in their life crumble within a day, I want to tell you there’s cry right now, there’s a hunger in the nations of the world. And Jesus said, “In such an hour of great darkness,” Jesus came with a light and he said this. He said, “And this Gospel shall be preached as a witness to all nations and then the end shall come.”

SID: What is the Gospel?

NATHAN: I want to tell you, we’ve been hearing the Gospel over the last few years. It’s been watered down. It tries to tickle the ears of men. But I want to tell you the true gospel is when a man will preach about sin, when he will preach that there is only one anecdote, there is only way into Heaven, and that is because of the blood of Jesus Christ who was shed on the cross on Calvary.

SID: Yes!

NATHAN: There is no other way. There is no other way. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth the life. No one goes to the Father, no one sees the Father except through me.” And I want to tell you that it’s time to preach the blood. It’s time to preach about the blood of Jesus. There is power in the blood of Jesus. There is power. It’s lost none of its power. It’s lost none. I want to tell a generation, my generation are looking for something that is real. They’re looking for something that they can give their life to. And I want to tell you, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ will give you true life. He’s the one. He knows you better than we know ourselves. And I want to tell you that by his blood he has made a way that we can have life and have it more abundantly. There is a joy unspeakable when you know Jesus Christ. And as you can tell, I get a bit passionate when I preach about the blood of Jesus.

SID: And I have to tell you, it is the blood that washes away your sins. I have given the blood upon the altar as forgiveness for you sin. It is the blood that washes away your sins. And when they’re washed away because you’ve repented then there’s a clear path for Jesus to live inside of you, and you can have true Shalom, true peace. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first. We’re at that time. Watch Israel. That’s your time clock. Watch Jewish people believe in Jesus and join gentle Christians and become the one new man, the dwelling place of God for the greatest revival in history.

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