SID: Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Gary Whetstone.And if you missed what happened to Gary; he was supposed to have an electronic lobotomy.I mean his mind would be reduced to that of a 3 year old, permanent.No chance of reversal.God performed a major miracle in his life.And when you ran out, this is the most amazing thing, when God opened these padlocked doors and you ran out of the mental institution.Those people that don’t know this story will say “Oh Sid you’ve really done it this time;” and you ran out of that mental institution; and you heard a voice that said run; and you followed it.“Run.”But you didn’t have shoes, you didn’t have clothing, and it’s snow out there.What happened?

GARY: Well I remembered when the state police brought me in that there was an area of more trusted mental patients.I just remembered them sitting outside under trees.So I ran over that way and I busted the door open and I screamed out “I’m on a run!” And this was like a solarium area.And you’ve got to picture, 60 mental patients going like this: Run! Run! Run! Run!

SID: (laughs)

GARY: So here we are.This one guy throws his huge blue pea coat over;it’s hanging way down over my arms then they throw these…

SID: Listen,I know Gary.This is for real.Really, trust me.This is for real.I know it sounds like Hollywood, but this is for real!(laughs) Ok, go ahead.

GARY: He gives me these shoes that are size 14.I put them on.Of course you’re not allowed to have shoelaces in a mental hospital.

SID: Of course?How would I know?

GARY: You weren’t there? Anyway, so what happens, I’m walking and I’m having this same thought.The guard at the gate is going to think that I’m insane and I’m escaping; because I had the property of state hospital pants.

SID: You are escaping.

GARY: Well yeah I am, but of course I don’t know I am.I’m just following that word run.So I tucked my beard in, tucked my hair in.

SID: You must have looked wonderful.

GARY: Well I waved to the guard, he opened up the gate.I walked right out of the mental hospital.

SID: How could he do that? Seriously how could he do that?

GARY: You know God had blinded that man’s eyes.They didn’t even know I was gone for a day.

SID: And what happened with this car that hits you?

GARY: There was a woman that… I came right out.I walked right out in the middle of the highway.A car literally, I remember it. I thought… I don’t know what happened.I thought I hit the car.I don’t know what I did but I was on the side and I just kept on running.As it turned out about, oh my goodness, 12 or 15 years later,I’m pastoring a church in Delaware and this lady’s hearing my testimony.She’s one of the parishioners in a church; she said “I was the woman that was driving that car.I worked at the mental hospital that day that you escaped.”And she said “This guy with long red hair, beard, and piercing blue eyes came right up on my windshield.I looked at him, she thought she ran over me; pulled off the side of the road; and God spoke to her do not call the police.He is mine.”

SID: Now there’s something I don’t understand.Did the car actually hit you? Were you injured?

GARY: No, the only thing I know of that car, I had to have gone through that car because I remember seeing her face.She saw mine on the windshield, and the next thing I knew,I was standing on the side of that road;and she was parked,just shaken because she was a State psychologist.She worked at the mental hospital and knew anybody with this shirt on and that hair had to be escaping.

SID: And you explained that you did escape, but you had just become a Christian; your mind that was finished; totally messed up; all of a sudden was clear.

GARY: Totally clear.

SID: Then why did you decide to go back to the mental institution?I wouldn’t go back there for nothing; if they were going to give me a lobotomy and make me a 3 year old.

GARY: I broke into my parents’ house, took whatever money I could, grabbed a van drove down to Florida; went to Ft. Lauderdale because that’s the only thought I had.And I remember standing and while my fake I.D. was coming in; and I was going to be living as a fugitive; and I had this thought: God if you’re real,I want to go back to Delaware, and I want to have a clean mental health bill.I want to be able to live free.And I had this peace just come over me.So I got back in my van I drove back to the state hospital.

SID: Gary, wait a second.Yes,I can under…I’ve had this happen.I can understand what it’s like when the peace of God comes upon you, and you know what? Someone just got healed.Someone that has a pain in their neck;if you’ll move your head you’ll see that that pain, it’s gone completely.But Gary, still you’re human.The human side, you’re going back; they could put shackles on you; they could electronically lobotomize you and you’re a vegetable the rest of your life.Wasn’t the human side of you fearful?

GARY: Sid right now, you feel the strong anointing here.

SID: Yes.

GARY: There’s no question about it.

SID: Yes, it’s wonderful.

GARY: There’s such power in this ministry time for healing and deliverance.God had his hand on my life and the presence of God overtook all the fear, all the terror.When I knocked on that mental hospital door,I said I want to be in an open psychiatric region.Test me with every test you have.Do not give me any drugs and I’ll prove to you that I’m sane.And right now,I tell you,there’s people…God’s spirit is just… You know.There’s an anointing on your life.God is calling you right now to himself.There’s hearts being healed.I mean it is so powerful to see this rise of anointing.It’s like I could go back to that hospital, know that God had his hand on my life; just like you can be healed right now and know that by his stripes you were healed.

SID: Well come on now.Go for it Gary.Pray for them, pray for them.

GARY: There’s an anointing here.That Spirit of God, I’m telling you, it is powerful.

SID: When this show started you could feel the presence of God.

GARY: Right now, you’re sitting in situations in your life.I have watched God create eyeballs by the hundreds; deaf ears by the thousands.There is no power that is able to stop this anointing of God that is available for you right now.When Jesus purchased you by his blood; and his stripes were beaten onto his back; and upon his head the crown of thorns were thrust; by his stripes you were healed. Right now,I want you to receive this prayer in your body, and the power of the enemy that has wracked you with disease will leave you.Father, in the name of Jesus, we send your word with authority; and we mandate that spirit of infirmity: you’re rebuked.Loose your hold from them right now! I speak to that mental tormentor right now that is on that manic depressive and I command you bound in the name of Jesus; release your hold now! I send this word of God into those tumors and mandate you silence and dissolve! And I thank you Father that the name of Jesus heals and flows right down into those hips. I speak the word of the living God and command creation to come into that hip.There’s a work right now.I’m watching bone come into manifestation because God is a God of creation.This word is for you right now.And there’s those with the knees and the ankles; you can go ahead and get up and walk.The Spirit of God is moving in this show and I’m telling you this anointing is moving in their lives in such a degree.It’s just time for healing; and it’s your time in Jesus’ name.

SID: I must ask you a question;I mean it’s so wonderful this presence of God.It’s like a river; it’s pouring out.It’s God’s gift to you.Whatever you need whatever you need.It’s yours.What you need most of all is to experience his reality and his presence.That’s what you need.Speaking of reality, what did they say after they examined you when you went back to the mental institution?

GARY: They said there was no clinical reason for me to have ever had the insanity; and there was no indication of anything ever being wrong.They thought it was a tumor in my brain, only to find out after they did tests, there was no tumor.

SID: Gary, we’re fighting, in the United States of America in particular, a spirit of fear.You did a study of prayer requests; what percentage of people that had prayer requests was fear behind it?

GARY: There were 80 percent of 2,000 prayer requests I took out of my church; when I went to do a prayer conference in London; and I spent 4 days in prayer; and 80 percent of all of those prayer requests were rooted in fear.

SID: And you know you have an acronym in your book on fear that is wonderful.It’s for the word fear.Would you explain that?

GARY: It’s called false evidence appearing real:F-e-a-r.

SID: False evidence appearing real.Do you know what? I believe a lot of sicknesses and a lot of pain that you have right now is fear: false evidence appearing real.Something stronger than the false evidence: the written word of the living God.Listen, we have to take a commercial break, and who knows what God’s about ready to do? Do you know? I don’t know.


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