Sid: I’ve got a man that can’t help but be red hot for the Messiah.  His name is Pastor John Kilpatrick and your probably familiar with him because he shepherded the great Father’s Day Revival 1995 Pensacola, Florida. Over four million people came from all over the world.  People’s lives were transformed and back sliders came back.  Pastor John,  I remember the most amazing stories about playboy bunnies that showed up at that church.  But, I tell you the one that is my favorite, my absolute favorite and that is that Orthodox Jewish man that had the brain tumor.  Tell me about that.

Pastor John: He came down from Atlanta and he had a brain tumor almost the size of a baseball in his head and he went to his doctor and he said may I take a trip to Florida and his doctor said absolutely not.  And he said, well am I dying?  He said, yes you are.  Well, what could hurt me going down there if I’m dying anyway?  So the doctor released him and he came down here and when they brought him down here.  And when they brought him in I remember, I met him about 5:30 in the evening and he was so dizzy that the tumor had made his equilibrium so messed up.  His eyes were vibrating side to side he couldn’t even look at you without his eyes vibrating from side to side.  He was nauseated, he was sick, he was vomiting and I remember I went up and just talked to him a little bit and the doors were going to open in about fifteen or twenty minutes and so when they opened, I told them to go ahead and bring him on in and just let him be there when the service started at 7:00.  And usually, back in those days whenever the Spirit of God would start moving in healing it would feel like the sun would come out on a cloudy day.  You know like you feel the sun come out and you can feel it on your exposed skin like your ears and your head and the back of your hands and all that.  Well, we would be worshipping and the Spirit of God would begin to move in the place and if He was going to heal it would feel like the sun would come out.  And me and Steve would not usually say anything about it to everybody because we didn’t want to draw their attention to the sign of what God was doing but whenever we would feel that we would know that healings were taking place.  All of a sudden this man stood up out of his wheelchair and he said, oh my God I’m healed and he just jumped up out of the wheelchair.  Now this is an old man and I went over there to him and I looked at him, his eyes had stopped vibrating from side to side and to make a long story short they took him back to Atlanta.  He walked into the doctor’s office and the doctor’s mouth flew open and he said what in the world.  Well, I went to Florida to that revival like I told you I was going to and I want you to do a MRI.  The doctor said absolutely not.  I know what your MRI looks like from the last time.  He said forget the insurance I’ll pay for it, cash out of my own pocket.  I want another MRI. They did another MRI and his brain tumor was completely gone.  He was so impacted by that healing now, this was an Orthodox Jew.  He brought 30 some odd Jews with him back on Sunday to the service at Brownsville and they were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit every single one of them before they went back home on that Sunday back to Atlanta.  And like the evangelist says here at this revival miracles are usually God’s dinner bell for souls.  So God heals people.

Sid: See, it’s my belief that when Jewish people see the authentic Jewish people, you may not know this John but they are the highest percentage of the leaders in the various cult groups and new age groups are Jewish people.  Because the scriptures say we have a zeal for God but not according to knowledge.  Now I have a theory and I want you to tell me whether you agree with this or not, Pastor John and that is that the reason God has entrusted this revival to you is that you have certain ingredients that are right.  Here are some of the ingredients that I observe from the last revival entrusted to you.  You preach holiness.  There seems to be a specially this younger generation, they don’t discriminate in the movies they see.  They don’t discriminate the dress.  They don’t discriminate on sin issues there’s a lack of holiness that has occurred and many of them, their hungry for God but the holiness is missing.  Then you have it right on Israel, you understand God’s prophetic destiny for Israel and you have a heart for Jewish people to come to know the Messiah.  You’ve been your whole walk in the Lord you have understood the dimension of prayer and worship is key.  I believe these are…if you pull any of these out you wouldn’t have the great revival that God has started again.  That’s what I believe.

Pastor John: A tragedy is, as you well know Sid, a tragedy is so many churches now believe in replacement theology.  They believe that the church has replaced Israel.  I’ve never believed that.  I was raised by a Pastor that brought me up and sired me up in God.  He was my mentor to love and respect Israel. There is not a Sunday that goes by, not one that we don’t pray for Jerusalem.  There is not a service goes by in this revival each week that we don’t pray for Israel and Jerusalem at least once.  When churches by into that replacement theology they don’t really realize it but it grieves the Holy Spirit.  And I believe that worship is important like you said in revival and I believe that preaching holiness is important.  If people don’t hear holiness preached from behind the pulpits of America they are certainly not going to hear it on the evening news.

Sid: There has to be a distinction between a believer and a non believer and when I look at this generation of kids, of young people that are coming to the Lord and I see that the dimension of holiness, there’s no difference between them and the world.  How are they going to be lights in darkness when darkness surely will be here soon?  If they dress like everyone else, they have the tattoos that everyone else has.  They have the earrings that everyone else has.  They go to the same movies, you can’t tell the difference.

Pastor John: I can’t tell you about every pastor cause I’m not every pastor but I will say this, if the pastor does not have a prayer life he’s not going after God.  And if he doesn’t have a relationship of intimacy with the Lord, when he gets up behind that pulpit, he is not going to preach holiness. He is going to try to cater to that crowd.  He’s going to try to develop a seeker sensitive mentality.

Sid: What is going on with the young people to me that’s the bottom line at your church?  What is going on with young kids, the teenagers?

  • Pastor John: Well, I’m just amazed from the very first night how the children got in this revival.  From July 23rd they were right there.  They were weeping the Presence of God; it was the same way at Brownsville revival.  Like I told you, I saw that little girl below the age of five that was my first sight of revival ever and she was below the age of five.  We’re seeing the same thing in this revival we are seeing young people, football teams coming.  We are actually having people leaving the football team to come the revival.

Sid: Is it true, John that doctors’ are sending their patients there?

Pastor John: Absolutely, they are.  They absolutely are, from different states even and they are telling their patients that there is nothing further that I can do for you but I know where there is a revival going on.  I’d like for you to go down there and see what will happen.  It’s amazing what is happening to those patients.  You know, there are times that God heals people instantaneously and then there are times that people start getting better by being in this atmosphere.  They just start getting better, I could you name you so many cases right now where people are better and better and better and better this day, that day, the next day, this week.

Sid:  Alright, our time is slipping away, we are going to talk about that on tomorrow broadcast but Mishpochah I am privileged to make available to you a three CD series called ”Mysteries Revealed”.  And from what I understand a Pastor John, is that you heard the voice of God and He said to you all mysteries will be revealed before I return and then he instantly downloaded this teaching to you.  Why do you believe now, it is happening?  I just got back from a trip and I was so tired and the Lord spoke that to me and I mean I didn’t know what my sermon was to be and the Lord said out of the blue said, tell my people that before my coming all mysteries will be revealed because in Heaven they’ll be no mysteries.  And the Lord is now beginning to show His people things in dreams he speaks to His people in their sleep, it is called night vision where God gives His people, He shows them secrets, He reveals secrets to them.  God revealed secrets to Daniel; it’s not the first time it has ever happened but this time in our dispensation God is still revealing secrets, unraveling mysteries and giving witty inventions even.  The Lord is giving witty inventions for the people to prosper in these days.  He’s showing them things to do and showing them things not to do.  When they wake up they know that God has spoken to them.  And everywhere we travel I’m asking the question, “How many of you, your sleep patterns have changed?”  Hands go up every service.  Almost every hand in the congregation goes up when peoples sleep patterns are being changed. God’s speaking to his people.  Even the lay people, not just prophets but you know just common people that attend churches that loves the Lord, God’s speaking to them and showing them things.

Sid: And the thing that I love is part of what was down loaded to you is that God showed you that he doesn’t reveal his secrets to His servants.  He reveals his secrets to his friends and then you teach what was down loaded to you of how you can move from a servant to a friend.  What I’m seeing is when people listen to this three CD series titled “Mysteries Revealed” it sort of accelerates their move from servant hood to friendship and hearing God.

Pastor John: Well, I can tell you this people are morphing.  They are moving from servant mentality, working for the Lord and then morphing into a friendship relationship with the Lord.  God’s getting us ready for His coming and He’s speaking to His people like never before.  And I believe that this is the hour, this is the time right now.  When I first started preaching this…

Sid: Well no not, hold that thought, “Mysteries Revealed” three CDs.

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