Sid: Now my guest has recaptured the lost art of soaking.  That is right, soaking. Soaking and ever since I found out about it, I do it all the time.  But, I have on the telephone, Cindy Parton.  I’m speaking to her at her home at North Richmond Hills, Texas.  And Cindy had a family crisis and as a result of that, no one had ever taught her about soaking, but Cindy and her husband started soaking.  Tell me about those early experiences Cindy.

Cindy: Well, as we began soaking we found that was the only really true sense of peace that we could ever receive. I mean friends and neighbors and church family was wonderful to encourage us and bless us and tell us that they were praying for us. But once we actually got in the presence of God and began to feel his peace come and faith would begin to rise up.  Because what we had found is, people have been taught how to pray to God all their lives, but no one has ever been taught how to listen to God.  So that’s what we begin to see.  It helped us so much to be able to listen to what God had to say, because we talk all the time and we don’t listen.  And so when we began to listen to what He had to say, He blessed us, He encouraged us.  Because, people have been taught to give, they have never been taught to receive.  So listening, we are learning how to receive what the Holy Spirit wants to say to me.

Sid: Now, after you started doing this as God was directing you, a couple came in to town, the Arnotts from the Toronto Blessing and started teaching about soaking and they took it even a step further.  What did you learn from them?

Cindy: Well, we learned that could have people into your home and it is what we began to do and we would put on a CD and we would tell everyone to just lay down on the floor and just wait in the presence of God.

Sid: Now, you’d been doing this for 15 years and you’ve learned a lot.  You’ve seen a lot in these 15 years. Tell me what highlight things have happened through your soaking.

Cindy: There have been so many things, I mean it’s hard to even explain and talk about, there’s just so much.  But I mean, we’ve seen families restored.  We’ve seen people healed.  We’ve seen people delivered. We’ve seen marriages restored.  There have been so many things happen as people learn to just wait on God.  You know, just wait for Jesus to come and tell them how much He loves them.  How much He cares about them and when you soak you become more intimate with Him and you truly get to know Him.  Not about Him, which we have all heard most of our lives, but we don’t truly know Him.  And, when you soak, you get to know Him. You realize how much He loves you.  How much He cares about you.  People say you know they are more in love with Jesus than they have ever been before, that they know that He has visited them.  They know that they have had an encounter with Him. And when you just lay down, I mean you are just actually totally surrendering to the Holy Spirit.  You get prostrate before the Father and you just say, “Here I am, do what needs to be done in me.” Because, He knows better than we know ourselves what we need.

Sid: Now you had a desperate situation back in 1995. And that’s what led you to desperate measures where you began to understand that by soaking in the presence of God with special anointed music all your spiritual senses would be opened up.  But what happened to your desperate problem.  What happened to your problem?

Cindy: What happened was our teenage daughter had left home in total rebellion. Through us soaking, God healed our hearts and restored us and restored our relationship with her and everything evolving around that situation.  He took care of all of it to where we had such a peace in our heart and such a confidence in knowing that God loved us and if He brought us to this place, He was going to get us to through it.  And it was like we grew so much spiritually during that time and then what He did in us by healing our heart and taking away the pain.  I mean our hearts were broken.  We were shattered, we had never felt, you know, so broken over anything. And by doing all this and we realized what God had done, just us laying on the floor.  Because, sometimes you are in so much pain, so much hurt you don’t know how to pray.  And so we would just put on the anointed music.  We would just lay down in the middle of our living room floor, just Bob and I and we would just lay there and wait until the presence of God just fell on us and as He did, He began to encourage us and just build us up and that we had a peace knowing everything is going to be all right.

Sid: Tell me about Julie True’s soaking music.

Cindy: Well, you know over the years music has been a big part of our life in the last 15 years of soaking and hosting the meetings in our home every Monday night. So, as we found out about Julie True’s music then, we began to soak to her music.  I mean there is such a calming, soothing and as the Holy Spirit comes in and He blows through the music and through the words.  And as the writer expresses them self through what their feeling and what is going on in the room it ministers to people as they soak.

Sid: Now, Cindy Parton has, at my request put together a CD after 15 years of having the best soaking room really, in the world as far as I’m concerned, so many supernatural things are happening there.  She wants to teach you how you can have your own soaking room right in your own home. Just for you, or just for your family, or just for your family and a few friends where you can begin to hear God’s voice, begin to have visions.  Begin to have this interactive communication with God.  Not just one way, two ways and all the secrets she has learned all these years she has put in a CD.

Cindy: We’ll just get in a circle and we’ll just begin to pray.  And we’ll invite the Holy Spirit to come.  We’ll ask Him to do what He wants to do.  We’ll give Him free reign and liberty and that’s what it is all about basically.  Bob and I are just the leaders. We are just the facilitators that is all.  No one has a plan no one has agenda when they come in.  All we are going to do is wait on God, wait on what He has to say and follow His instructions. And then about 7:00 then we will all get in a comfortable position.  Most people will be lying on the floor others will be lying on the couches or just in reclined positions in chairs or where ever they are comfortable at.  I just tell people to get comfortable however you’re comfortable.  So once they get comfortable, we‘ll put on some soaking music, some music that is anointed, something that you know, you can respond to, relate to something that will help you enter into the presence of God.  As people get comfortable and the Spirit of God begins to fall over the room, then I will go around the room or some of our leaders will go around the room and just soak people.  And by that I mean, all we do is just go around and touch them lightly on the head, the shoulders or maybe the feet and just say a prayer blessing over them.  Like, Holy Spirit I bless them.  I ask you to do what you want to do in them tonight.  I ask you to minister to every need they have.  But do this very quietly to where you are not disturbing them incase God is already moving something in them that you don’t want to disturb.

Then, after we have soaked for 30 – 45 minutes to an hour it is according how the Spirit is moving and you ‘ll begin to see how the people are responding.  If you got a lot of people at 30 – 45 minutes getting up to get a drink, go to the rest room or starting to move around than maybe it is time to move on a little bit.  Because, what we found, you know, sometimes peoples back hurt, their bodies get stiff or whatever, lying on the floor.  But when the presence and the anointing of God comes then all that changes also, so just be very sensitive to what the Spirit is doing in the room at the time.  So after 45 minutes to an hour of soaking, then I just begin to pray a prayer. I just bless what God is doing in the room right now.  If I have received a vision myself or if God has given me a word then I’ll begin to pray into that word and I’ll begin to release it out to the group that’s there for that night.  And then I will go into a time and I will ask. What did anyone hear tonight? What did you see?  What did God show you?  Recently, we were doing meetings and this little 12 year old girl came up to me.  We had done a Friday night meeting and she came up on Saturday afternoon and she said I’ve just got to tell you, I had so much fun last night.  I said really, why what happened?  She said, well I have soaked before, but, I have never soaked like we did last night.  She said where I went and we soaked; it was just quiet; nothing happened; it was very still.  But she said it was so fun when God showed up and He touched me. She said, I couldn’t wait to get back today for more.  And that’s what happens, when you feel the love of God, you feel the presence of God, you feel the joy just welling up in you, then that’s when it’s fun.  The teenagers really receive this. The young people are really open because they don’t want the structure of a normal church with their plans and their programs.  They want to presence of God.  They want the real thing.

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