A note from one of our friends and she is a pastor, she said that a women in our church had a vision for you and she wrote it down during the service.  It was written on the back of an offering envelope and it said “I saw the Lord send an angel to Dave”.  The angel walked into his room, lifted up his head, like a mother would lift up the head of a baby and prayed for him and gave him courage.  So in that moment, I realized it was a lot more than a singing nurse.  It was actually an angel from the Lord and it explained the look on the face of that angel.  If you could see what I see, you would not be afraid for a moment.

Sid: Now tell me the song that she sang to you and that you had been singing lightly under your breath.

Dave: Well, it’s a song by Kirk Franklin and the chorus says “I know that I can make it.”   “I know that I can stand. No matter what may come my way, my life is in your hands.” 

Sid: Speak to someone right now that is going through a tragedy.  Speak to them right now.

Dave: Oh, I will.  I’ll speak to them in song.  The angel turned the song around and sang this to me.  “I know that you can make it.  I know that you can stand.  No matter what may come your way, your life is in His hands.”  And it is.  Your life right now is in the hands of the Lord.  They are healing hands, they ‘re restoring hands, they’re courageous hands, they’ re hands that fought a war for you and won.  And He’s holding you in those hands right now.

Sid: You know the presence of God is so strong, but I’m reminded of a scripture that God gave you it was Nahum Chapter 1:9 which says:

Dave: Which says: “This affliction shall not return a second time. “

Sid: Now you heard that, did it have that much meaning to you?

Dave: No, none at all.

Sid: Because you already had the affliction.

Dave: But the word came in preparation for a battle I was about to face and it came to me, the thought Nahum 1:9 came to me and to be honest, I wasn’t sure what Nahum 1:9 said off the top of my head.    So, when I looked it up I read those words, this affliction will not come back a second time.  The next day, one of my doctors came in and said “We’ve got this amazing report, it looks like leukemia is being cleansed from your body, but then he turned and said,  we don’t want you to get your hopes up because  often leukemia does this and it comes back a second time with a vengeance. So don’t get your hopes up”.  He left the room.

Sid: What a wicked seed to plant in someone!

Dave: Ha, Ha, well he was just looking in the natural.  But, that’s why we have been given spiritual eyes and that’s why Our Father speaks to us.  Because,  because there are other people talking to us all the time, there are all kind of words coming around us and opinions and fears and worries being spoken.  But, His Word is just…

Sid: So, the doctor said that it could come back a second time and what did God say.

Dave: God said that, so this doctor’s opinion was the second opinion.  God’s opinion was “this affliction will not come back a second time.

Sid: I believe that’s for someone who is listening right now because, there is such power in the testimony.  And then right after that happens you get hit with where you almost died.  Your temperature went up to over 105 degrees.

Dave: Yes, Yes.

Sid: I mean you get this good Word, from God and then boy, the devil just pulls the rug from under you.

Dave: That ‘s right, it’s truly a battle,  were in a warfare and it’s not just one hit but there can be multiple hits.

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