SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Dr. Caroline Leaf. And isn’t it amazing, Caroline, that the scientists like yourself have now come up with a conclusion that our brain was originally wired for love, not, this is an example of a toxic brain, that’s toxic thoughts. Do you know every time I look at that, Caroline, I’m gonna remember it and I am going to watch what I say, what I think and give no place to anything that’s gonna kill or steal, or destroy. So we’re wired for love. Tell me about that.


DR. LEAF: Well I just think it’s incredible. That’s a scientists’ term, by the way. They say “wired for love” and they therefore say that we learn fear, and that’s very significant, Sid, because God tells us not to fear, and we know that God is a God of love, so fear is the highjack. So that’s a spiritual principle, two opposite spiritual forces. But in science it’s the same thing. As humans we are wired for all the positive stuff. Therefore, we have like a little chemical factory in our brain. In order to grow these branches we have all this input going into our brains, which is like electricity. Then the brain will secrete chemicals and you have this electrical chemical reaction, and when that happens branches grow, and these branches are all holding the memory that’s related and it’s all grouped together in that tree. So that’s a whole network related to one kind of thought. And then to build that, there are needed chemicals. So now we’re wired for love, which means that we are, and that’s not just the love, love in terms of relationships. It’s love in terms of happiness, joy, peace, passion, excitement, truth, and all the wonderful stuff. We have chemicals we secrete for each of those. If I’m building a memory and it’s a great exciting thing, like now, building them now as we talk about what we’re interested in, what will happen is the brain would secrete excitement and passion chemicals. But now let’s say, for example, something negative happens and you shift out of excitement into negativity, some kind of negative thing, lack of excitement, lack of passion, the opposite. The brain doesn’t have a chemical for that. So it will take the closest positive and secrete more and more, and more, and more throw the brain out of disorder in order to try and find lack of excitement. And then you’ve got to have chemicals. So it takes too much of the good chemical. Still builds the tree, but now we have an electrical chemical imbalance in this area.


SID: So that’s why someone might get depressed.


DR. LEAF: Exactly, exactly, because when we have an electrical chemical imbalance around this, this is ugly. It causes inflammation in the brain. So around this area–


SID: Well what about when doctors test you for heart conditions and things and they say you have too much inflammation? Does that start in the thoughts that go to the brain, that affect the body?


DR. LEAF: Definitely, because spirit, soul, and body are linked. So the mind body connection, it’s very clear. And that’s why doctors say 87 to 95% of illnesses, cardiovascular, immune system, all the different disorders that can happen. And all of us will manifest differently, are a direct result of your thought life. Because what happens is that your body will take this thought in your brain and will translate this thought into a physical reaction in your body, and all of us will respond differently. Now wherever there is highjack in the body’s order, because God is a God of order, the body functions on the principles of order, and very, very, very organized. So when order is thrown out, when electrical chemical balance is thrown out the result will be inflammation. Inflammation causes the immune system to start sending out all kinds of cells to try and sort this out.

SID: These alternative health doctors and medical doctors, they have medicine and they have alternative things to treat inflammation. But all that’s doing is masking the symptoms that causes those thoughts.


DR. LEAF: Well it’s a combination. It is. The cause is the thoughts. You know, you have to, there are doctors that are saying, listen, you’ve got to deal with your thought life. There’s research showing that medication doesn’t even work that well unless you actually have your thought life under control.


SID: But wait a second. You said 95% is connected with that. So forget that 5%. That 95 is what concerns me. Now we’re wired for love, but most people are walking in fear. What happens when the body goes into fear or stress?


DR. LEAF: Well then what happens there is that fear is a choice that we’ve made. So when life is coming in at us we’re thinking building thoughts, and those thoughts are I’m scared, I’m anxious, I’m whatever, negative, and this incident happened, and it’s built and it’s wired in. Whenever you think so, there’s a physical structural change in your brain, if it’s in this negative direction, your body then, this thought thing, this state, is translated by your brain into physical reaction in our body. That is stress.


SID: Okay. You know, I have in my notes here that there are 1400 chemical and physical responses when you go into fear and stress.


DR. LEAF: Absolutely. What happens is–


SID: 1400?


DR. LEAF: That’s a lot. That’s a lot.


SID: How do we stop this? I mean, why did Jesus keep saying, “Fear not, fear not, fear not.” He knew he didn’t want you to know those 1400 chemical, physical responses that go immediately throughout your brain and your entire body.


DR. LEAF: The entire body. It throws your body into chemical chaos. You see, what you get is three stages of stress. Stage one is a normal stage. That’s what you use when you are alert, focused, building memory. So it’s a good positive thing. It’s called eustress. Those 1400 chemical reactions and the 30 different hormones that flow then, flow in order. So we have beautiful trees being built. You’ll have a healthy green tree being built. But when we go into the fear side, the hijack happens, we make a bad choice, then the brain is trying to secrete and find that chemical so it secretes the wrong amount. It throws the entire electrical chemical balance out. So those 1400 chemical reactions move from being a positive thing into a negative thing and we have chemical chaos.


SID: Okay. Is there hope for me? I mean, wait a second now. I got to where I am right now. It took me 70 hard years. You see the gray hair? It took me 70 years. How long would it take me to get that green tree? I mean, I would like to walk. This is my passion, as a matter of fact. I want to walk in love, not just for me. I want to do it because that’s what I’m created to do. You said I was wired for love.


DR. LEAF: Absolutely.


SID: It’s gonna take me 70 more years? I’ll have to live longer than Moses. How am I gonna rewire myself?


DR. LEAF: Let me give you the good news, and this is the supernatural element. We can make up for 70 years. It takes 21 days to rewire a tree.


SID: Okay. I’m putting you on the clock. We’ll be right back in a moment.


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