SID: What is going on? You can’t turn on a television these days without seeing something about the new age, something about someone communicating with the dead, there is Harry Potter, I mean it is sort of like what was whispered in the closet is now wide open. What is, Bob Larson you a world renowned expert, if not the world renown expert in the occult, in new age, in deliverance, what is going on, why is it all of a sudden all over the place?

BOB: Well it’s nothing new of course, it’s as old as the tarsus, it’s as old as humanity, this idea that we can connect with something which is out there, but what you’ve got is the result of scientific and rational thought having overtaken the western world but not producing anything that meets the spiritual hunger, so people are still asking the question, “Is there anything beyond this life, do we survive after death?” And into this vacuum: psychics, spiritualists, trans-channelers, have stepped to say, yes, and I will put you in touch with those spirits

SID: How many Hollywood movie stars are involved in these things, BOB: Absolutely, absolutely.

SID: There’s something called Kabala, but what is actually going on when someone says, well look, I talk to people all the time who says my husband died, my father died, and it is so good, they are still with me, they communicate with me. What’s wrong with that?

BOB: Why they always have some unfinished business, that’s the whole idea, these are beings that haven’t totally passed to the other side because they have something to share with us here. In Biblical terminology, if we look at the Old and New Testament, it is consistent; there is absolute, impenetrable gulf between the living and the dead. We are here and they are wherever they are going to go. There is no communication between the two, it just doesn’t happen, it can’t happen.

SID: But wait a second, these people are hearing something, they are not making it up, it is not imagination.

BOB: Absolutely, what they are hearing are the voices of demons, of discarnate entities, spirit beings who rebelled with Lucifer, who fell,

SID: Well but wait, how do these people know these intimate things at séances, they might say something that no one knew?

BOB: Cause Satan’s been around for thousands of years, he knows what happened; the demons were there they saw it, so they can tell you about it. It’s no problem, they knew Uncle Fred before he died, Uncle Fred, was probably full of the devil.

SID: All right, how do you explain the doctrine of reincarnation then, that you come back until you get it right?

BOB: Well once again, spirit beings know what’s happened in the past and so they are able to implant thoughts and memories of previous existences in peoples minds of events, you know what’s interesting to me Sid, I’ll tell you, everybody was always the king or queen of something, nobody was ever a bag lade in an old life, nobody was ever homeless in an old life, it was always good.

SID: But Bob, people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to psychics to communicate with the dead.

BOB: Because they’re desperate, they’re desperate; they are filling a spiritual hunger that the church and the religious community should be filling by speaking existentially into reality of what exists in the spiritual world after we are not here anymore. But because you don’t hear preaching about heaven and hell anymore the psychics have stepped in and said well we’ll tell you what’s after death.

SID: You know what I find interesting, that is totally, one hundred percent kosher on secular television, but let someone be talking about the blood of Jesus, about forgiveness of sin, about sin, and ooh, don’t want them to say that. Why is it so acceptable, why does the public, listen, in Hollywood they don’t supply movies because they are evil, they supply movies of what the public want, they want to make money.

BOB: Because… the answer is simple, in spiritualism, in talking to the dead, there is never a moral frame of reference, there’s no sin, there’s no judgment, there is no ethical accountability because everybody is okay on the other side, you don’t hear any of these psychics communicating with somebody who is in hell screaming out in torment, and no matter how they lived, everybody gets to go to a good place.

SID: Okay, what is the spiritual repercussion for someone going to a séance, trying to communicate with the dead, even using a Ouija board to get a message from the spirit world, what is the repercussion, what harm is there?

BOB: Because you are not talking to something, which is human, passed to the other side, because you are talking to a demonic spirit being by virtue of your connection and communication with it you give it the right to come into you and possess you.

SID: All right, but what about if this thing doesn’t say anything evil, what about this thing you communicate with

BOB: Well, it never does.

SID: is maybe helping your spirituality, isn’t that okay?

BOB: Oh, they do a lot of good, like I mean they find lost people, they discover dead bodies, and you know.

SID: I mean just watch Larry King; you have these psychics on all the time.

BOB: Absolutely. Well but the Bible says in:  So he looks good, but the real test is whether or not something is Biblical, whether it is supportable from a faith foundation, not whether or not if feels good or looks good.

SID: Can someone open themselves up to a demon to actually come inside of them from dabbling in these areas?

BOB: yes.

SID: Even if they don’t know the bad things?

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