SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Bob and Janie DuVall. And Paul says in Corinthians, “First the natural, then the spiritual.” And it is so amazing looking at natural Israel and then seeing when God deals with natural Israel first, there is a repercussion on the church. Janie, explain that.

JANIE: Well there is a connection with natural Israel. There’s a connection with the feasts. The year 300, everything Jewish that was with Christianity, they stopped it. They took the feasts out and at the exact same time miracles stopped. But then, now we’ve heard and other people have heard about this, in 1948, when Israel became a nation it was at the exact same time that we had the healing revival of A. A. Allen, William Branham. But in 1967, we had the Six Day War and we have the charismatic renewal. It’s an outpouring of miracles. There’s a connection of the supernatural. 1973, we had the Yom Kippur War and we had a healing revival going on with the vineyard movement. But I did more research and it’s so exciting. I found out that it started way back, and probably back even further. 1830, there was this man named Lewis Way, and he said, “We’ve got to start praying for a Jewish nation.” Well at the exact same time, there was churches that started talking about, “We need to move in miracles.” It was happening at the same time. 1840, a whole bunch of Jewish people immigrated to the Holy Land. At the exact same time Maria Woodworth-Etter was born, who had a healing ministry of incredible miracles, and we still read her writings today. 1896, Theodore Herzl, he had a plan for creating a Jewish state, the birth of Zionism. At the exact year, Alexander Dowie had a healing ministry and the healing ministry was in a city called Zion, Illinois. I mean, it goes on and on.
BOB: It’s so clear that there is supernatural connection between Jew and gentile, the Jewish people and the church. And, you know, we were talking a little bit ago about how the blindness is coming to the Jewish people. They’re coming into the body of Messiah. Well that’s even more exciting for the gentile as well, because Paul says in Roman 11, “When the Jewish people come back into the body of Messiah it will be life from the dead.” And that’s exactly what the body needs today.

SID: For sure. And as a matter of fact, it begs the question, what’s gonna happen next to Israel? Therefore, what would the repercussion be for the church? This is what I believe. There is going to be discovery of oil in Israel. Oil represents the Holy Spirit. And when Israel discovers oil we are going to see just such an outpouring of God’s spirit. Actually, someone was just healed. Someone’s neck was just healed. Someone’s back, just talking about Jewish people.

JANIE: A goiter is leaving right now. A goiter is leaving and eyes are opened right now. And actually, there’s someone, you have this ringing in your ears. The ringing is leaving right now.

SID: And God has just told me that someone’s back is fine. It’s being straightened. This is something that you must, must understand. There is one sin that will trigger judgment, and this sin, according to the prophet Joel, in the third chapter, “Nations will be divided over one sin, dividing up the land of Israel.” And what will the repercussion be for dividing up the land of Israel? The repercussion is going to be dividing up the land of the United States. Two prophets, John McTernan and John Kilpatrick, both saw the same thing. Let’s look at it.
John M.: In the center of the United States there’s a massive fault called the New Madrid fault, and it has the potential of literally, like ripping right through the center of the country. It will be greatest disaster ever to hit America.
John K: When I dreamed of an earthquake that took place, the Lord showed me the earthquake was gonna hit in the middle part of the country right where the New Madrid fault is. What the Lord was showing, I believe, that if we continue to fool with Jerusalem and our secretary of state and our president keeps putting pressure on Israel to give up land and to give up Jerusalem for peace, I believe that a major earthquake is gonna strike America.

SID: Why is there such a diabolical strategy plan to divide Jews and Christians? I’ll tell you why. John 17:21: “I pray,” Jesus said, “I pray that they,” and there were only two people groups there at that time, Jew and gentile. “I pray that they, Jew and Gentile, might be one.” What’s the repercussion? “So the world will believe.” And what is going to happen? John 17:22: “The same glory that is on me, that is on Jesus is going to be on them. When the two come together the same glory that is on Jesus will have the full dwelling place of God.” I have a dream. I see all of the churches in the city renting a coliseum for, let’s say, Passover, Resurrection Sunday, and all of the Christians come together, more people than a Super Bowl, more important than a Super Bowl. I see dancing before God. I see worship before God. I see the last Passover Seder, the Last Supper before God. I see a release of miracles like the world hasn’t seen. And Christians will not come together for celebration of Resurrection Sunday and Passover because they have to. They’ll come together because God says it is a set appointment that He promises to show up. It’s not a “have to”, it’s a “get to”. And when the two become one this is what our Messiah said, the world will believe. I pray that they, Jew and Gentile, might be one so the world will believe.
I sense by the Spirit of the Living God by what He has done in my life, what I have seen with my very eyes that we are at the fullness of the gentile age. And I’ve got good news for everyone. The angel said to the women that came to the tomb on Resurrection Sunday, “He’s not here because he’s risen. He’s alive. Praise God. Our Messiah, Yeshua, the King of Jews is alive.”

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