SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Rick Joyner. Did you know that God has every hair on your head numbered? That not two sparrows fall to the ground without Him being aware of it? And of how much more value are you? You have value, and you have worth. Of how much more value are you than the sparrow? My guest, Rick Joyner, is just a man. I’m just a man. But we know God. We have intimacy with God. And there’s a prophet by the name of Bob Jones that wandered into your life, and he described property that you were going to own. Explain that.

RICK: Well, he had a dream. And when I moved to North Carolina, I came with the word I was to go to the mountains of North Carolina. And I met Bob Jones through a friend of ours, Mike Bickle, and he immediately started telling me details about my life and things that had happened in my history that I didn’t even know. I had to check them out later, but they found out to be true.

SID: That’s amazing.

RICK: Things about my ancestors and stuff. But anyway, later he called me back and said he’d had a dream about me moving to the mountains of North Carolina, and he described the place in detail; exactly how far it was from where I was living at the time,
which he got within 2/10 of a mile. We told him he’s got to do better than that.

SID: Well, hey, according to the Bible you have to be 100%, but I’ll take within 2/10 of a mile, out of the whole world.

RICK: Yeah, that’s right. But he described it in detail. Tom Hess, who is a friend of yours, was involved in this, and was given some land nearby and he called and told me he was supposed to give it to us.

SID: And it’s a small world. I was on his board and I was involved in that decision. But go ahead.

RICK: So Tom calls me from Jerusalem and tells me about this land, and he described it,
and the deed had some of the details that Bob had told me in his dream. It was measured like they do in the mountains sometimes, “from white rocks to an old oak tree”, and Bob, in his dream, had seen the land was measured from white rocks to an oak tree, and details like that. He said there were buildings in the middle with red roofs and a mountain with a rock face on it and antennas on it, and all this. Of course that could’ve been a lot of places in North Carolina, but when we found it had every detail that Bob told us about in his dream, including where the streams were on the land, and things like that…

SID: But Rick, that is natural. I mean there was a king of Syria that was upset with Israel because as this king said “They know what I’m discussing in my bedroom.” It was a prophet, and today, according to the New Covenant, we’re all supposed to be able to prophecy. Now I am so excited about this new property that you have. Was that prophesied also?

RICK: It was. And you know, we prophesy in part, and we know in part. And Bob had all these details about he property we were going to, the rectangular building. He saw a lot of other little details that worked out later. But he saw some damage to it, water leaks and damage. We went looking all over Charlotte for old buildings, and almost bought some that we thought fit the description.

SID: Been there, done that. I understand.

RICK: And then we finally happen upon the property that was exactly as Bob had described, and now we’re in it.

SID: And this is the old PTL Headquarters that Jim Bakker had a vision to develop. And Rick, I don’t have to be a prophet to know that that mantle has fallen upon you, and that’s going to be even greater than Jim thought it was going to be. You’ve got that beautiful Grand Hotel, and it is now grand. I mean how did you end up getting that property, which Bob Jones saw in a vision, which you couldn’t even find when you went in your peanut brain trying to find it?

RICK: Well it’s interesting. Jim Bakker, when he got out of prison, he kind of spiritually bequeathed that property to us in a conference, publicly. And we were saying “We don’t want it. We don’t want to run a hotel. We’re in missions.”

SID: Besides that, he didn’t own it. He couldn’t give it to you.

RICK: Yeah, but he spiritually said “We think you’re supposed to have it.” So anyway, there were some reasons, some things I had to be a part of, some business things and all, where if I’d known that property was coming to me I could not have been a part of those. It would’ve been a conflict. We had no idea. So I think, in a way, the Lord hid it from us, where it was, and then at the right time, it came into our hands for, well, we bought $60 million, well Jim paid $60 million to build it in the 1980’s.

SID: Right, so that would be worth even more now with the value of real estate.

RICK: I’d think so. We bought it for $1.6 million.

SID: How come so cheap?

RICK: Well, they didn’t think the buildings could be restored.

SID: Did you have a good Jewish attorney by the name of Ruach Ha Kodesh, the Holy Spirit?

RICK: I’ve had Jews tell me I’ve made the Jew jealous.

SID: Well that’s what you’re supposed to do. You’re just being normal. Speaking of normal, very quickly, tell me about the glory cloud that came in at a meeting you were at where you were speaking, and everyone saw it.

RICK: Well this was back when we were first starting, had our first Worship and Warfare Conference, called The Heart Of David. And we had spent about eight hours worshipping the Lord that day. You know, taking some breaks in between. It was at an intensity that we used to hope we could get to and maintain for 15 minutes. It was the most intense worship we’d ever experienced, and it had gone on and on. The last session had gone into hours, and it kept building. It was the greatest worship I’ve still ever been a part of. And at the end, Leonard Jones was playing the last song, and all of a sudden, it felt like a nuclear fire in the building. I felt burning inside. You know how nuclear’s supposed to burn from the inside? I felt like my insides were on fire, and I watched two girls who were on the stage start grabbing like they were on fire. And then… Now I’m feeling heat, fire, and I watched one of these girls run and dive through the drum set,
scared, terrified. And I turn around and looked and there’s this cloud, pillar of cloud right in the middle of the stage. And my first thought is “We’ve got a fire.” Because heat, fire, all this, you know. And the whole audience that had been worshipping at the top of their voice went instantly silent, started wailing, crying. I’m looking at everything going on and I think we’ve got a fire, and then I just said “The presence of the Lord is so intense, let the place burn.” That was my thinking.

SID: Did everyone see that cloud?

RICK: Yeah, everyone that was in there saw it, except for a few.

SID: Did you hear that? Everyone outside of a few saw this glory cloud. We’re coming into the days like you read about in the scriptures, where the glory is going to show up and everyone’s going to be healed. I feel such a presence of God in my face right here that I happen to believe that God’s presence is invading wherever you are right now. And in His presence, all things are possible. What do you need right now? The first thing you need is to get right with God, repent of your sins, and believe Jesus is your Messiah and Lord. Get ready. Get ready!

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