SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Ben and Brenda Peters. Ben and Brenda Peters are prophets. And Brenda, just to whet their appetite, tell me a few people that you’ve prophesied over.

BRENDA: God gave us the opportunity to minister to bikers in Las Vegas. And bikers can be very threatening. While we were standing in the front of the room, the presence of God directed me to a specific biker who looked very tough. And as I walked over to him, God gave me one word, and I released that word and began to speak into his life. Once the Lord will give me one word, God will give me one word, I’ll speak that, the rest will come. This man met God because of that word. He left that meeting and went out into the parking lot and got down on his knees. Found out later he was a hit man, and had an assignment on somebody’s life that night, and somebody’s life was spared. Also in a truck stop one time, we stopped in our diesel on our way to a meeting, and a biker began to talk to me while I was in a coffee line. And again, the presence of God moved on me and I knew God wanted to speak to him. And I just said to him “You know, God just gave me a prayer for you. May I share it?” And he said, “Yes.” And a powerful, encouraging word came through me as a prayer into this man’s life, and he could not even speak, it was so exciting to him. And I left knowing that that man’s life will always be changed.

SID: Brenda, what about people that are ready to commit suicide?

BRENDA: This also happened in the biker meeting, and it’s also happened in youth group meetings; where the presence of God will come on me and God will give me a revelation that they are preparing to take their life, or that they have suicidal thoughts. And I’ll just go over to them and ask if I can pray for them, and God will give me a word for them that will open them up to who they are in God’s eyes, what He created them for, and take off of them that need to end their lives.

SID: Now understand that, just like Ben, who spent so much time in God’s presence, in effect that’s what you were doing when you were in school, and that changed your whole destiny, literally. Prophecy changes people’s destiny, doesn’t it? Can you pray for people right now that there would be an impartation of the gift of prophecy? And then, I believe God’s going to zoom you into another area where you’re going to prophesy to specific people. Would you do that now?

BRENDA: And I would encourage you that prophecy should come out of having spent time in the presence of God. Find a place to get alone with God. Put worship on. Right now, in the name of Jesus, we speak prophetic into your lives. We release an ability to listen, spend time in God’s presence, position yourself, and listen for family members and others around you. Prophesy when you pray.

BEN: And I’d like to break off of people the lie that they can’t hear from God. And some have been told that by Christian leaders, and we break that off in Jesus’ name, because ¬†Jesus said “My sheep know My voice.” We loose the voice of God into your spirit, that you would hear clearly and know there’s a God who loves you and has a destiny for your life. He wants to use you, He wants you to be His mouthpiece. Peter said “If any man speak, let him speak as the oracle of God.” And God has given us that privilege and that wonderful responsibility to be the one that carries a message from the throne room to the hearts of man; to the troubled, to the needy, to the desperate; that their lives might be changed forever and they might become members of the army of God instead of the wounded. Amen.

SID: You know, I found out something that is about ready to happen in the nation of Israel. There is an assistant to Heidi Baker in Mozambique, Africa, and his name is Supreza, who is a very humble man. And you told me he recently prophesied what would happen in Bethlehem.

BEN: Yes he did. He believes that a great revival will be birthed in Bethlehem, and some of us that are working with him, and different ministries coming together where nobody cares who gets the credit, we have a passion now for Israel that we’ve never had before. I really believe it’s important that we turn our eyes and turn our hearts toward natural Israel and the spiritual Israel, the Church. But God has a destiny and a plan for natural Israel that’s awesome. And He’s going to come bringing revival into Bethlehem that’s going to spill over and actually make the Jerusalem Jews jealous of the presence of God that’s come into Bethlehem. And revival will happen among the Jews, and Israel will be saved.

SID: You know, I talk a lot about the one new man that Paul talks about in Ephesians, where he says the reason the Messiah came was to break down the middle wall of separation between Jew and Gentile to form a brand new species of being that would have the same presence of God that Jewish people have under the Old Covenant, and the same presence of God that we read about that Christians are supposed to have under the New Covenant. But it’s exponential. It says in scriptures that one will cause a thousand to flee, but two will cause ten thousand to flee. It’s an exponential thing. So that’s what’s coming to me as you’re talking about what’s going to happen in Bethlehem. What I’m seeing is that when the Gentile – the Arab – provokes the Jew to jealousy in Israel, all of the things that the United States of America is trying to do to orchestrate peace, there will be no peace until the Czar Shalom, the Prince of Peace, reigns in the heart of the perfect one new man. The Jew and the Arab, middle wall of separation coming down, becoming one. Stretch your gift of prophecy. Prophesy right now.

BRENDA: Right now, there is a young man that has been contemplating suicide, and God is giving you a vision of what He created you to walk in in this hour, and He’s raising you up, actually to oversee and administrate, along with other leaders, the harvest. He’s getting your attention, and right now you’re experiencing the presence of God. He’s just drawing you, and He’s going to open doors for you to visit with other leaders that will actually journey with you. And there are moms right now who have been journeying in fear, fear for their family and fear for their children. And God is going to begin to speak to you, even in the night hours, waking you in the early morning hours, and as you pray, God is going to release all of heaven to minister to your families.

BEN: There are also builders in the audience, that God’s called you to build the kingdom.You’re in construction of some kind, but God is asking you to build His kingdom, in Jesus’ name.

SID: You know, there’s a whole new paradigm coming right now. In the past, the paradigm was that people should make a lot of money, that are Christians, and give money to people that are in full time ministry. And they’ve missed what God is doing. You are in as great a ministry as a person who is a pastor of a church. Your pulpit is the world. It’s the business world that are not going into churches. So it’s a whole new paradigm. You are in ministry, you can prophesy, because that impartation is there. And this book that you’ve written, “Prophetic Ministry: Strategic Key to the Harvest”, between the prayer and reading this book, I believe you’re going to fulfill that dream that you had of these younger people moving up. Ok, the choice is yours. But maybe you haven’t even put your little toes in. It’s time to tell your Father, Father God, “I am so sorry for the sins that I’ve committed.” Adultery, pornography, lying, stealing, addictions, sexual sins – you know what they are. But God is literally weeping for you right now, because He has a plan for you, and His plan is good. His plan is good. Tell your Father who loves you that you’re sorry and you don’t want to be separated from Him, and you believe that Jesus has washed away your sins, and you have made Jesus your Lord. And you ask Him to live inside of you. Not my words, just your words. I’ve interviewed people who have just had two-word prayers: “Jesus, help.” He’s just waiting for you to take a step, and when you take a step, you’re going to experience real love. Not love like the world, but the love of God. It’s pure, it’s clean, it’s what your heart pants for now.


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