SID: Hello, Sid Roth, welcome to my world where it is naturally supernatural. There is the atmosphere of heaven on this set and if the atmosphere of heaven is on this set it is going to invade wherever you are right now. My guest, David Jones, taught for six months on something that was so significant that the most unusual miracles started erupting, feathers, all different colors, angel feathers started materializing and very amazing, amazing ways, precious gemstones started, stones from heaven started materializing, we will find out what jewelers had to say about, diamonds started materializing cut better than the finest jeweler ever. We are going to find out what he taught because I believe what he taught is mandatory for miracles to take place. And I believe that this is a moment in history in which everyone that knows God will walk in the miraculous. David, you were sabotaged from the beginning, your father, I mean it is hard for me to comprehend this, but your father used to fight with you, explain.

DAVID: Oh yes, he was a boxer, he was a fighter actually and he wanted me to be a tough guy so he would always challenge me, punch me in my chest, knock me down, get up, get your best hook, try me, come on show me what you got, and I resented it. Number one, I loved my father, and I just resented trying to retaliate against him so when I got in fights in nightclubs and dancehalls, I didn’t hold back nothing, I sad no one is going to hurt me any more, and no one is going to tell me what to do.

SID: And you left home at an early age.

DAVID: Thirteen years of age.

Sid Roth: But what you just said a lot of people are saying, no one is going to tell me what to do, one of you listening to me right now that is what you have just recently said, “No one is going to tell me what to do.” You went into the Marines?

DAVID: Went into the United States Marine Corp.

SID: What did they equip you for?

DAVID: A killing machine, killing machine.

SID: Really?

DAVID: Yeah, they said you have a strong backbone and you can think when you are at battle or at war so I became an 03-11 rifleman, the first to hit the beaches. They used me as a killing machine, that’s what it was for.

SID: And then when you got out of the marines what was your life like?

DAVID: Oh it was even worse you know, I still resented authority, I didn’t want to have nothing to do with people trying to control me or tell me anything, I was walking in pride and didn’t even know it. One thing I found about walking in pride is that you are so blind that you are ignorant to the fact of it; that you are walking in a prideful attitude that is so detrimental to you and everyone around you.

SID: And you know, amazing in that situation God gave you a revelation of the end of time, what did you see?

DAVID: Oh man it was incredible, it was just like me sitting here watching you, I was seventeen years of age, and I was at home at night and I had the radio on and I was turning the channels and I heard a woman scream, and it wasn’t like it was behind the house, but in front of the house it was like in the air, so I went to go towards the window and I said wait a minute if I go towards that window I am going to see something that I don’t want to see. But Sid I was compelled to so I went. And it was the second story and I looked down and I thought I was going to see a woman maybe stabbed or something and I didn’t see nothing, but when I came up and my eyes hit the heavens and the stars it was just like a motions picture, the moon just whoosh, and it was like someone took a knife and just poked into the moon and blood began to ooze out of the moon and then the stars in the heaven just said whoosh, and the sky itself said, “whoosh, whoosh, whoosh,” and Sid all this was happening simultaneously, the moon turned to blood, the stars fall from the heavens, the sky rolled up as a scroll. And then all of a sudden I saw a lady with long black hair looking at all these events taking place on the earth and she took her fingernails and began to dig in her face and scratch and began to run and then I seen ten people running, hundred people running, thousands of people running and screaming at what was taking place on the earth, it was like all time stood still for God, this is his hour, this is his time, and the look on their faces when they were running was: They were running, falling on top of each other, all of a sudden everything went black, everything was clear, and I feel to the ground and I was trembling and shaking like I didn’t see that, no, I didn’t see that. And I said yes I did. So I said let me get the Bible, and I was walking through the house and I was saying God please don’t let me see nothing else, please Lord I don’t want to see nothing else, and I got the Bible, and I didn’t even know this was in the word of God and I just opened up the Bible and it went to Revelation where it said, “The moon shall turn to blood and the stars shall fall from the heavens and the sky shall role back as a scroll.”

SID: You didn’t even know that was there beforehand?

DAVID: I didn’t know that was there and when I opened it up I opened it up right to it because God had to take me there Sid, because at first I thought I was losing my mind. I didn’t know that was an open vision. I didn’t know anything about visions.

SID: and then someone invited you to their church, you were running from things like that, why did you go, why David?

DAVID: Because the guy was funny. He was a Christian, he was funny, he had big eyes and he would be talking to me about God and he would say wait a minute; are you looking at my eyes? I said no, he said yes you are making fun of my eyes and I would say no, no, no, no, we just started laughing and he said come on, be my guest at church, he got me with laughter. And so I said okay, I said wait a minute I don’t have any clothes, he said God is not looking at your clothes, he is looking at your heart. And so we went to church and I sat in the back and an evangelist made the altar call and I was sitting back there in the valley of decision, and I said man I don’t know if I can live, said I don’t know if I can do it, and so I didn’t get up the first night, that was on a Thursday night, and so I went back to work, oh before I left church the pastor was at the back door sayings you going to come be back with us tomorrow night son, this is the house of God where everybody is somebody. I said yes sir. So I went to work the next day at the Ford Motor Company, my boss comes brings me that big old check, and I said oh yes, me and my brother going and party hardy tonight, then I said wait a minute, I told that man of God I was coming to his church, on a Friday, what did I do that for? I put the check in…

SID: That’s party night.

DAVID: Oh that’s party night for me and I said wait a minute, why did I tell him that? Sid, when I made up in my mind to do what I wanted to do like I had always done I said no, I am not going to that house of God, I am not going to church, I am going to party, I fell on the conveyor belt and when I fell on the conveyor parts was hitting me in the head, everybody was like hey somebody help him, get him. Sid, I wanted to lift myself up but I had no strength. All of a sudden God started allowing me to hear my heartbeat, pop, pop, pop, pop, then I started out fading out more, oh no, pop, pop, pop, pop. And I began to pray please give me another chance Lord, pop, pop, pop, pop, I’ll go to this man of God’s church, please give me another chance, have mercy Lord. And everybody was around me saying are you all right, I didn’t pay any attention, I said don’t do me like this, I’ll go to this man of God’s church. Sid, I made it there, well before I went my friends come over my house ready to party, I said hold it, I am not going with you guys, I said I almost died today, my heart almost stopped beating, I said I am going to the house of God. They said man this guy done gone crazy. I said I don’t care what you guys said I’m going to the house of God, I went, sat in the back, they made the altar call, I started walking down the aisle, and I heard the devil say get out of this church, run, run, and I said no, I was brought up in church as a little boy, I said no I must save myself, and I went to the preacher and he said son, do you want to be saved? I said yes sir, yes sir; I want to be saved. It was like big yokes lifted off me, I went to grab his hand and the power of God hit me and I went straight back and there were no ushers there to catch me, but when I hit the floor it was like falling into a bed of cotton, and there was a bunch of sisters right there, and they jumped back, they were looking at me, and back then I thought I was a cool daddy, so I said wait a minute what am I doing on this floor, all these pretty girls looking at me? Then the supernatural began, and it began in my belly, then it got in my chest, then it got in my throat, then my tongue began to cleave to the roof of my mouth. And Sid, I was on alcohol, drugs, cocaine, meth, TAC, all those drugs, but I had never experienced such joy, such peace, I never experienced before.

SID: After that event, were you still addicted to those drugs?

DAVID: Never again.

SID: Listen, he started doing the most extraordinary things dealing with physical strength,

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