SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Dr. Andrew Moyo and there is something about Africans and the way they understand the invisible world before becoming believers in the Messiah and then once, Andrew, you become a believer in the Messiah, it all, when you read the New Testament it makes more sense, and after you saw the results of this blind woman getting her sight back, your faith must have soared.

ANDREW: Oh boy, I was a changed man, it took, my life became from just thinking that God could use me to knowing that God can use me and he wants to use me and he wants to heal people, he wants to set people free, and use an ordinary person who will just believe in him.

SID ROTH: Now you went out to hospitals because you just wanted to pray for people to see results but you, you really bit off more than you could chew when you went to this one hospital in the AIDS ward, tell me what you saw with this woman.

ANDREW: Well I walked into this AIDS ward in this Catholic hospital and there is just so many people with AIDS but this particular lady, she must have weighed about twenty pounds, that morning the doctors told the mother to take her home because there was nothing else they could do for her, she is the only daughter of this woman, her lips were dripping blood as she had sores, she had boils, tumors under her armpits, I mean she looked, was is such a shape I didn’t even want to spend much time in this ward because the stench was so bad I thought I was going to contract an airborne disease but he Lord said to me, “Minister to her.”

SID: How long did she have to live?

ANDREW: They gave her hours; they sent her out that morning, when I walked in they were packing her bags because they told her to go home because she had only a few hours to live.

SID: Why did they want her to go home if she only had a few hours?

ANDREW: So that they could make room for another person because it would cost them more money to transport a dead body because there was no hope, nothing else they could do.

Sid Roth: What did you feel when you were going to lay hands on her as far as whether she would be healed or not, I mean that woman was a close to death as you could come.

ANDREW: Absolutely, I looked at her and I began to shake but at the same time I know I don’t heal people, the Lord Jesus heals, and his power heals, all I have to do is do what he says that I can do and then I let him do what I cannot do which is heal the sick.

SID: So what happened?

ANDREW: So I looked at her; I began to share the gospel with her and she was in agreement. For eight months she could not sit, she could not eat; she had no strength so she could not even move her body so she just slowly agreed, nodding a little bit. And I laid hands on her. I said I am going to pray and Jesus is going to heal you because he is still the same yesterday, today and forever and he still heals so I laid hands on her though I didn’t want to because she had lost her hair, she had boils all over everywhere but I closed my eyes and I prayed a prayer of faith in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the time I said Amen the boils and the armpits that I, tumors, blood that was dripping had stopped, her skin had dried immediately.

SID: That can’t happen in the natural, it can’t be what the doctors call remission, it can’t be that.

ANDREW: Absolutely, and I asked her, “What happened, what did you feel as I laid hands on you.” And she said, “I felt like as if hot coal was poured on me from my head to toe and it went through me.” and I informed her that that was the power of God and for the first time in eight months I took, I told her I am going to take you by the hand, I took her by the hand and she was able to sit on her bed, for the first time in eight months she was able to tell me, talk and tell me what she felt and just the experience and tell me all about it.

SID: what did the doctors and the staff and the rest of the patients have to say about that?

ANDREW: As I was talking to her and taking her thorough all these different, and hearing her testimony, the doctors, nurses, and even the fellow patients began to gather around because this was a forgotten case, she was a gone case, she was supposed to be dead, and in a few minutes now she is talking and sitting and drinking and they all gathered around and I asked them do you want to receive the Lord Jesus because he can do the same thing and they all accepted the Lord Jesus in that hospital and I prayed for them and even ministered to other sick people while I was at it.

SID: You know what Andrew, while you were talking an angel of healing has invaded this studio and I can tell you as a fact there are people that have been healed with back problems, if you will bend over you will see that you do not have any pain, there is someone with a left leg problem, you have been healed, there is someone with a hip problem, you have been healed, Andrew will you look into the camera and will you pray for people right now because that African anointing of the Messiah Yeshua is about to be released.

ANDREW: Yes, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ I pray for every sick body, every sickness, every disease, every spirit of infirmity, and every spirit of disease, I rebuke you now in the Name of Yeshua right now to be gone. and I release the healing power of God to touch your body, wherever it is in your body whether it be cancer, tumors, AIDS, arthritis, whatever the case may be right now in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I release healing into your body and I ask you to receive this healing by faith because it is yours right now, there it is, in Jesus mighty Name, amen.

SID: I could tell you Andrew that I know many people were just healed, but I also know that when I read your book “Working the Works of God” my faith level, why did you write this book?

ANDREW: I wrote this book because God spoke to me that he wants to raise an army of radical Christians, radical believers who would do the things that Jesus said that we will do, and who would be the people that Jesus said would really be walking in the power of God, this is for average people but we are all anointed, and they are anointed and God wants to use them and manifest his power in them and through them, that is why I wrote the book.

SID: Now God brought you from Uganda to America, how come?

ANDREW: I asked myself the same question, and I asked the Lord the same question, and he said to me, “Andrew, America needs you.” And I said why. “Because you come from a different culture, you bring a different perspective because now is the time for America,” that is what he said, “Because there is coming a move of God and I want you to be part of raising up an army of those radical revivalists that are going to take the power of God into the ends of the earth but especially to the American church, to awaken the church, to stir them up for the coming move of God to be ready, because before the move will come the church has to be ready to receive it.”

SID: Listen, that is you, are you ready? Are you ready to be used by God? We heard about a woman that her body was so eaten up by this horrible disease of AIDS, she just had minutes to live and the power of God came on her. How would you like to be used that way? Do you know that God sees something special about you? You may be in this “pity party” right now, you may think that you have just messed up so bad but you are in perfect shape right now to become the person of destiny that God created you to be. Do that first step, you may not have that AIDS on the outside but you have AIDS on the inside, it is called sin, and God is a holy loving God that loves you but your sins have separated you from your God. So if you will call out to God, not in some religious prayer but a child talking to their father who is a good father, who is not going to disappoint, and say, “God forgive me in Jesus Name for all the sins I have ever committed, come and live inside of me, become my Lord.” If you will do that God, I promise you will draw so close to you and you will have a purpose to live and you will fulfill a destiny that before you were conceived in your mother’s womb God knew you, and called you but now is the moment for some of you it is your last chance, you have so much to look forward to. Go for God, and he has already gone for you, he loves you, really does.

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