SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with John Kilpatrick. John, April 2008, you had a dream. What did God show you?

JOHN: It was a very stirring dream. I’d never had one that real before. When I woke up, it stirred me to the point that I asked my wife to hold me. And I’m a grown man, I’ve never done that ever before with a dream of any kind. But I dreamed of an earthquake that took place. It was shown to me in several stages, and I won’t go through the details of it. But the Lord showed me that an earthquake was going to hit in the middle part of the country right where the New Madrid fault is. And it was so real that that when the Lord showed it to me I’d walk by the TV set for several days after that night and in my mind I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t on TV.

SID ROTH: I can understand that.

JOHN: That’s how real it was. But the Lord was showing me, I believe, that if we continue to fool with Jerusalem, and our Secretary of State and our President keeps putting pressure on Israel to give up land and to give up Jerusalem for peace, I believe that a major earthquake is going to strike America.

SID: So what you’re saying is, if we pressure Israel to divide up their land, our land will be divided.

JOHN: I believe that with all my heart. I’m thoroughly convinced of it. And it was right in the middle of the country, and what I saw on there was Indianola, like an old Spanish map, I saw the word Indianola, and then I saw it scroll down a little bit southwest and I saw the word Europa, and that was in Missouri. If you superimpose the New Madrid fault between Indianola Illinois, and Europa Missouri, that is basically an exact replica of the New Madrid fault. I won’t go through the details of the dream, but it was very, very real.

SID ROTH: Then a few days later, you heard God’s voice. What did He say to you?

JOHN: Yes. That was on Tuesday, then on Saturday morning as I woke up out of sleep, I heard the Lord say to me in an audible voice as I was coming out of sleep He said “A storm’s coming.” I live in hurricane territory. I live on the coast of Alabama. So I knew that it wasn’t a hurricane, I knew that it was an economic storm that was coming. I went immediately to my church, the next day on Sunday, and I said “I’m just going to be honest with you and tell you what the Lord’s shown me. You can take it for whatever it’s worth for you, but I feel like the Holy Spirit was showing me that an economic storm is coming, and I’d like for you to be prepared.” So it began to grow from there, and even during Y2K, I never encouraged the church to ever stockpile any kind of food, water, anything like that. I never did. I never felt it. But that was in May of 2008. And then the financial catastrophe struck around September, and it’s still going. One of the things the Holy Spirit said to me was “Prepare against the summer”, which is this coming summer. Summer starts in June, the latter part of June. And I don’t know why He said “Prepare against the summer”. He didn’t say prepare for the summer, He said “Prepare against the summer.” So I really feel like that whatever is coming is something the church needs to be prepared for. And I would really encourage people right now, and I’m not trying to engender fear, I’m not that type person, but I’d really encourage people if they could to put up some beans and rice, some extra cash, things like that, other things that they can do to prepare for them and their families. Because I believe with all my heart that if President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton continues to put pressure on Israel to give up Jerusalem, and to give up parts of Israel for peace, land for peace, I believe that America’s going to go on the skids, and I believe that our land is going to be divided, and I believe it could be the financial end, and it could be the end of America as we know it.

SID: On January 1st of 2009, God spoke to John again, and gave him twelve points which will shortly happen in the USA. Although, in the natural you could be really upset as you hear these various points, in the supernatural I have never heard a more encouraging word from God in my life for those who have intimacy with God. And those who have intimacy with God, it’s going to be one of the greatest times of your life.

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