TVBackground_Kilpatrick_SHOW511On It’s Supernatural: John Kilpatrick was given a supernatural dream of an earthquake hitting the middle of the United States. Then God told him a storm is coming, a financial and natural catastrophe. Now he’s advising people to make preparations concerning this summer. Find out how you too can be prepared against the coming crisis.

Do angels exist? Are healing miracles real? Is there life after death? Can people get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent 25 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of It’s Supernatural.

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, John  Kilpatrick, recently heard a message from God in which God told him what will happen to the USA

in the next few years. It was actually a pretty horrific message, but at the same time, one of the most comforting messages I’d ever heard for those who have intimacy with God. In fact, part of the message already has come to pass. He warned his people of the coming economic storm, and many of the congregation got out of the stock market. Saved tens, and in some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You may be familiar with John Kilpatrick of the great Father’s Day revival. 1995, June, Pensacola Florida, Brownsville Church. Tell me about that day, John.

JOHN: It was Father’s Day of 1995, and the Holy Spirit came down in a way that was incomprehensible,

just unbelievable. We prayed for revival for two and a half years, and after praying for two and a half years for God to come down, I was just miserable in the ministry. I was preaching things and I wasn’t seeing a lot of evidence of what I was preaching. I wanted to see God save. If He could save to the uttermost, I wanted to see Him save to the uttermost. If He could heal, I wanted to see Him heal. I wanted to see demons cast out. I wanted to see what the Bible says could happen, and I wasn’t seeing it like I wanted to see it. I was just frustrated. So I began preaching, and I began praying, and I called the church to prayer for revival. We prayed two and a half years for revival before it actually broke out on Father’s Day of ’95. If someone would’ve told me that revival was going to break out on Father’s Day, I would not have believed it, because to me that would’ve been one of the most unlikely days for revival to break out. Maybe Easter, maybe the 4th of July.

SID ROTH: And you had people come from all over the world to taste of the rarified air of heaven. Over four and a half million people came. Several hundreds of thousands actually received the Messiah. Tell me about that day. What did you experience personally?

JOHN: When I stepped off the platform that morning, Steve Hill was our guest evangelist, and he was going to be with us the next five years. Neither one of us knew it that morning. When I stepped off the platform, I felt something around my feet that felt like strong air conditioning. I felt strange whenever I felt it around my ankles, my socks. I felt a little bit strange. I helped him pray for a man down there, and when he turned to walk away after praying for the man, I felt it stronger around my ankles, just like a whirlwind, and it began to go up my pants leg. I couldn’t move. I literally could not move my feet. I couldn’t lift my feet to walk. For the first time in my life, I had no control over my body. So, to make a long story short, they helped me back up on the platform, and I told the congregation “Folks, this is what we’ve been praying for. This is it. Get in.” And as soon as I, the pastor, gave that word, “Get in”, the presence of God came down. It looked like a battlefield. The presence of God, just like a downdraft from heaven, and it hit that congregation of about 1700 people there that morning. Many of them, without anybody touching them, just hit the floor. I’m talking about businessmen, I’m talking about people who owned their own businesses, leaders of corporations, and your average Joe Blow person.

SID: Tell me the effect it had on the children.

JOHN: I was down on the floor. I was down for four hours, and I’d been on the floor for about two hours. I couldn’t open my eyes, I could hear everything. I knew God was in the house, I knew He was on me. I really didn’t know how many people were still there, but it sounded like to me that most of the congregation was still there. It had to be after two o’clock. The parents couldn’t go get the children, because they were under the power of God. So around 2:15, 2:30, somewhere in there, they couldn’t hold the children any longer, so they brought about 350 children from children’s church into the main sanctuary. And as long as I live, I’ll never forget the sound that I heard when those children were ushered into the presence of God. It reminded me when Jesus was in the temple, and the Bible says that the Sadducees said to Him “Tell them to be quiet!”, because they were crying “Hosanna, hosanna.” They said “Tell them to be quiet!” Jesus said “Don’t you know that praise is perfected in the mouths of sucklings, babes and sucklings?” I heard those children in our children’s department whimpering and crying “Jesus, Jesus.” Hundreds of them at one time.

SID: Hundreds of children could not fake something like that.

JOHN: You couldn’t fake it.

SID: But when you talk about children experiencing God, when you were a young man, your father left home, and your pastor became your father figure and mentored you in prayer. He was about ready to be kicked out of the congregation, and you were feeling really sad. You were at a midnight prayer meeting, and all of a sudden the atmosphere changed. Tell me about that.

JOHN: We were in the prayer meeting, and pastor was going to be leaving. There were 17 of us there that night. We always prayed in the dark. That’s just the way we did it. There was enough light from the exit lights to get around, but we always prayed with the lights out. Pastor had just told us that night that he was

going to be leaving and moving to Florida. So I was very sad and I wasn’t myself, so I was sitting out in the middle of the audience. I didn’t want him to see me crying. So whenever the midnight hour came, we always started praying around midnight. I got up several times and tried to pray, and the atmosphere was just so heavy and so thick, I mean I was just a kid, I flopped right back down. I wasn’t a warrior in those days by any means, I was just a child, 15 years old. The prayer meetings always lasted an 1½ to 2 hours,

but after about 20 minutes I saw one man reach down to put on his shoes, and he said “I think I’m going to go to the house.” He just touched his shoes and sat back up. Then everybody was back up towards the front

of the building except me, and I began to feel a little strange, still sitting in the audience, so I went up and sat down by pastor. After I sat down there by him, it was just like a holy hush came in the sanctuary. The front doors of our sanctuary were locked five different ways. They were big metal doors that went up like this, and they had pins in the jamb at the top, pins in the jamb at the bottom, a key beneath the door knob, a deadbolt, and a latch. Just [clap] some kind of power, explosion, hit those doors, and they popped open of their own accord, both of them at the same time. To the point, there was just enough pressure that I still in my ears to this day can hear those metal doorknobs tapping the plaster wall. In off the porch walked one angel. Came right into the foyer, and he turned and went and stood at the place where pastor always prayed.

Then behind him came another one, and he stood over by the book cases. They just stood there like  warriors. They were just like soldiers. They just stood at attention. They were not dressed like you’d normally think angels would be dressed. They were not in white, they had no wings. They looked like warriors. I saw no weapons. They were just like rugged men. They were like warriors, and they stood there. They were huge. They never addressed us, and we never addressed them. They stood there for what seemed to be just a few moments, and then like a cue from another world, the first one that came in stepped out from the wall, after standing there for, I don’t know how long they’d been there. He stepped out from the wall just like a soldier, turned, went to the middle aisle, and then turned again, walked out, and disappeared into the night. The second one did the very same thing. I was just dumbfounded, because everybody else in the room was a man, and I was just a kid. I was 15. To see that at 15 years old, it was a paradigm that was set in my mind.

SID: Did everyone see the angels?

JOHN: Everyone saw. 17 of us experienced it. But in a 15 year old kid’s mind, it did something in me.

It set my teeth that I could never go after normal religion again. I saw something that I knew was supernatural, and I knew that it was the real deal.

SID: The next Wednesday service, God showed up. What happened to the congregation?

JOHN: He showed up. We all walked back there as soon as the angels left. Pastor was going back to shut the doors. My first experience with the power of God was when we got back there where those angels had just stepped in… They never said nothing, never waved a weapon or nothing. When we got back there we just collapsed and fell to the floor. I remember the sun coming up the next morning and hitting me in the face through those stained glass windows. Those doors were still opened on Monday morning. So the next scheduled service was Wednesday night, but back in those days we were praying every night. Some nights it would just be me and pastor there, some nights there’d be 30, all men, and that night was 17 people. So on that Wednesday night we had a normal service, but the church was packed out, because the word had got around.

SID: Of course.

JOHN: The church was packed out.

SID: I’d be there!

JOHN: Yeah, me too. So, nothing eventful happened during the worship service, except when he said “Bow your heads for the offering.” When people bowed their head for the offering, 38 people fell out of their seats into the floor and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. That’s what kind of atmosphere change there was in that church, just with those angels showing up.

SID: John, there’s such a presence, almost a river of God, in this studio. someone’s neck has just been healed. The anointing is all over the head area. Sinus passages are opening up right now. But John is going to tell you some of the things that are about ready to hit America.

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